Monday, December 28, 2009


Oh my what a whirl wind it was yesterday! I got to come home to my baby girl Miss Scarlett....but it was quite a trip to do so! I love my car but it just hates hills in the winter! Thanks to my Dad, Uncle Lester, cousin Tim, and the neighbor John I was able to get up the hill and on my way. Thank God for tractors! I got part way up the hill (that had drifted shut repeatly) and my car was like Hell to the NO! So dad had a chain and Tim rigged it up to the tractor and they pulled me up the rest of the way. Then Tim told me to keep the speed up and not slow down. And I did just that as I went down the county road to get to the highway that was drifted shut! I just kept looking straight forward and trucking on! I busted through some drifts that if i would of slowed down I'm pretty sure I'd of gotten stuck in. My Dad followed me through to the second highway that was open and cleaned off really well :)

He told me he couldn't believe I didn't stop and say goodbye to him and I told him I waved in the back window and I was off to the races, I just wanted to get back to my cat and get home safely! And with all the snow and blowing you never know what is waiting for you an hour down the road. I'll admit it I was pretty freaked out on the drive from the county road till I got to the main highway. And I pretty much just looked straight forward because some of those drifts were pretty far up the side of my crusier!

I couldn't of made it home with out these wonderful men in my life. Hummm I wonder will I ever find a wonderful man like these in my life? Well he'll have some big shoes to fill!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Yup we had a blizzard....I do believe this is the first one I've ever been in and it's really not something that i want to go through again! Thank goodness it's not too cold out but the wind really needs to stop blowing! I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to get on the road. I'm not lucky like other people, I don't have a man that will drive me all the way home. I just pray I'll be able to get going on the country road and be able to make it to the highway. That is what my prayer is for. I just want to make it back home tomorrow....and I'd like to have my friends and family that are traveling make it home safely too!

Be safe all

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wow I'm so happy I hit the road yesterday and made it to my destination! I'm with my parents and I'm happy for that. The weather sure has hit today and the wind is blowing so hard and the snow is flying! They have us in a blizzard watch till tomorrow, at least it's Christmas and no one has to be anywhere in particular at any certain time. I've started a new book I've been baking today and I made mom and dad a nice dinner. Sister is curled up in dad's lap watching T.V. and mom is flipping channels. Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I'm sure that I won't leave the house at all! Lol!

I hope everyone got to where they needed to be safely and that all travels this holiday season go smooth and safe!

Big hugs to everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Holiday Helper? Why yes humans I am a holiday helper! Mama was wrapping more gifts the other night and I was such a good helper!! She had all this stuff out and I was having a ball! A ball I tell ya!! She had some pretty red tissue paper out to stuff in some bags.....well let's just say i got a stern yell when I very innocently swooped down and put it in my mouth! Ahhhhh the crunch of tissue paper! Isn't Christmas the most wonderful time of the year???? Needless to say Mama was not so happy with me doing this and I really got yelled at. But did it derail me....NO! As she got more bags put together I felt I should inspect them. As only a four footer can! So i very innocently would stick my head into each bag....I'm kind of like the "tissue paper inspector", well I kind of knocked one over in my joy and was attacking it (it was one of Grandpa's) and Mama had a COW! Right there in the living room she told me she'd beat me with a gift! Lol!! As is she could catch me in stealth mode! HA HA HA HA! Anywhoo....I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Bright smiles humans!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Poop! I went out to start the car today and it wouldn't start because it was too cold out! So my wonderful friend Joanna came and helped me. We went to Target bought jumper cables (there was only one box left after i left) and got my dad on the phone and he talked us through it! Thank God it's good to go! I called my boss at a quarter till 8 today to let her know I'd come in after i got it started, then i called back and said if it was ok I'd be in at noon because of needing to locate cables and get it started and all that jazz. And I have more than enough vacation time to take off. I feel bad in a way to take it off but then it's like hey! It's your time and you still have six days left and if you don't take them you loose them. So duh.....use the damn time!

I was a good girl and drove all over town for a bit this am and when I got home I shut it off and started it again just to see and it started right up. Now I'm sure there is more than enough for me to do at work and I'll have to make up for it.....but I really should just enjoy this time I have. In fact I'm about ready to go in and make some yummy soup!

God don't ya just love winter?

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hello humans! Burrrrr! Oh my it's been cold hasn't it? I'm so happy I'm an indoor cat and that my Mama takes good care of me during times like this! I've seen Mama coming in and out of the house with watery eyes and red cheeks from cleaning off the car and all that jazz!

Mama has had a long weekend and I'm not gonna lie about it I've loved spending the time with her! Mama has been in and out all weekend. She's been out with her friends a lot! Yesterday Mama was actually home and she was all curled up on the sofa with me and a book. Last night Mama and I watched Holiday Inn and Mama was very affected by it. She says that Fred Astair was an idiot because he kept taking his best friends girl. But in the end.....the girl was smart and went with Bing Crosby. I agree with Mama, Bing was much better looking!

Today Mama went shopping with cousin Shianne and they came home with all kinds of bags! Mama got some new boots and some new fur lined shoes (it's fake fur but it feels wonderful to rub my face against). Mama says she needs her paws to be warm, I can see the point she's making. She even went by the rule that Grandma has about if you buy a pair of shoes you throw one out. So out the door went two old pairs of shoes (that if you ask this cat had seen better days). Good Mama!! Good girl!

Well humans I need to go and inspect a few things Mama has been cleaning this afternoon and I need to make sure she's done a good job!

Tails up! Booties on! Stay warm!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hello all! My what a winter land we live in here lately huh? I'm really starting to wonder just how lovely it would be to be a well taken care of house cat. Never having to leave when it's 2 degrees outside, never having to clean snow off the car and never having to dig out anything but litter! Lol!

Winter is not my favorite time of the year but Christmas makes up for it I guess, ha ha! Yesterday I was a good girl and got all my Christmas shopping done. Now it is just wrapping, blah! But from a previous post you all can tell the Scarlett loves that part! She is in the living room even now as I type here and she is curled up on the sofa on a big soft blanket napping. Oh what a life huh?

I am in the middle of a nice three day weekend and I'm enjoying it to the fullest. I've been out and about, I've been able to read all day and I've gotten out to get some fresh air and do laundry, yeah it never ends with the fun! Ha ha! And now I'm ready to start the book Definitely Dead. me when I say I'm really looking forward to it!

Night all!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Ok, so I weighed myself today and I'm down 2 more pounds!! Yippee!!!!!! I was happy i maintained during the holiday but now that I'm down a bit more I've hit 11 pounds! Whoop!

Today just to try them on and see how they looked I put on my size 16 dress pants, yup they fit!! YEAH!!!!!!! They maybe a bit snug by the end of the day but they fit and I'm wearing them and I'm super happy!! I still have more to go but I'm so happy that they fit!!!!!!!! Lets all do a happy dance! I'm super happy I've lost weight before Christmas! My friend Jane who is also doing this says she is stoked because she is loosing too!!!!!! She told me today she never ever thought she'd be able to loose weight and now look at her! She's dropping pounds and inches too!

Yeah for us! Watch out kids I'm gonna be a skinny bitch again some day! Lol!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Oh my so I've really been reading alot lately as you can probably tell from my past blogs. right now I'm in the middle of reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. And I really have to say they are a fun exciting read. If you like Vampires, Werewolves, and all that jazz. But since I've read Twilight and LOVED it I guess I'm good with the odd ball books!

By reading these Charlane Harris books I have to say alot goes on in small town America. It makes you go, hummmm. Now what I'm really looking forward to is seeing the series True Blood, it's based on these books I'm reading now. I've been informed by a friend who watched the series before she read the books that it's Awesome! I hope so, part of me wants so badly to watch it and part of me is like please don't let me down. Because the visions I have in my head are so neat!

I really have to say I was super impressed with New Moon when we went to see it, it was exactly as i pictured it in my head! They really captured the book! And it's funny because New Moon was NOT my favorite book of the series. Book 1 and 3 were my favorites!! And my friend and i were talking last night and I told her isn't it funny how i disliked book 2 so much and yet I loved the movie! Guess it's cuz while reading the book i couldn't see Edward! And on screen, well....yeah you get the picture! I've been informed by my cousin Shane that I'm gay for liking New Moon and going to it, but in the same breath he said he can't wait to see Avitar.....Who's gay? Yeah that's what i thought too!

Well all, I'm off for the evening! Time to crack open my book and enjoy the times in Bon Temps!


Friday, December 4, 2009


Oh joy of joys! Guess what happened last night....You'll never guess I'll have to tell you humans! Mama got out all the stuff to wrap gifts with and I of course being the sweet kitty I am got to help! Well play is more like it! Mama had everything laid out on the floor and I was doing my best to help her wrap things.

First off I got ahold of the wrapping paper and I began to push it around the floor by getting my nose in the middle of the paper....did you know the spool it comes on fits perfectly around my nose? Well Mama told me to stop it because she said I could get my nose stuck inside it...I don't think so Mama! Then she had a pen on the floor that she was using, well.....I got ahold of it and I got it in my paws and I just started kicking the crap out of it! Mama heard me trying to bite at it and she took it away and said I'd hurt my teeth, I'm a strong gal! Lol. Then she had a bag of bows out and I got my paws in there and I got one stuck on my paw....that I didn't like so much but it's really more about what i can use as a toy! Oh and then, lol, as Mama was wrapping this one gift I decided to stick my whole head into the other side that was left open and i was trying to have her wrap me up too! Yeah I'm silly like that!

I love Christmas wrapping time! There is always soooo much to play with!

Have a grand weekend humans!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok so I weighed myself today (had to do it to see what I did over the holiday) and I maintained!! Whoop!! And let me tell you I didn't deny myself a thing over Thanksgiving! I enjoyed every piece of pie I put in my mouth! Lol!! But it says something to be able to maintain your weight over Thanksgiving and a trip to the casino buffet and to still weigh the same I did two weeks ago! That is a lot to say for one's body! I'll know the official weight loss when I go to the dr. in two weeks and we'll see just how well I've really done, but as for now I'm just happy I'm fitting into the clothes from last winter and they were kind of on the way to tight last year....Yippee for me!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Right now I'm enjoying my time away from the city! Yesterday I put up and decorated my parents tree....and last night mom and I sat by the tree all light up and watched a movie. And we both just doesn't seem like it should be Christmas yet.

Now I've been spending some good quality time with my "Sister" her name is Lizzy and she is a Corgi! Lol. And she is by all accounts my Sister! Let me let you in on something with my Sister....she is a bed bully! Yup I said it! Oh my, when she sleeps with you she takes up most of the bed, now at night when she's out she's out. But in the morning it's a total sneak attack. Before you know it she has went from the foot of the bed to the head of the bed and her cold nose is buried in your hair and searching for your neck! Then comes the full attack! She likes to pin me down to the bed by covering my body sideways with her body draped over my body, trust me there is no moving except for her wiggling around. Now if your bladder survives this attack then comes the licking and the "love bite" which is where she takes your hand or arm in her mouth and won't let go. Mom calls it a heat massage.....yeah ok, lol. But I wouldn't trade her for another dog at all.....She's little and she's mighty and she is a wonderful sister!

Oh yes by the way, this morning when I got my sister out of bed, she ran down the stairs and i was still in the bedroom and i heard a loud bang, well when I got to the top of the stairs i saw dad had closed the door on the foot of the stairs and sister must of ran into the door, lol. Of course I stood there laughing as Lizzy sat on the step looking up at me and i just said...."denied". When i made it down the stairs (laughing all the way) I could hear dad laughing on the other end. I opened the door and she made a mad dash for dad in his chair! He said he heard her hit the door and laughed. Hey animals are funny! lol.

Well everyone enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well it's that time of year again. Thanksgiving. I'm taking this time to look back at my year and give thanks for all. What am i thankful for? I'm thankful for my family, or my rock as I'd like to call them. I'm thankful for my cat who in a funny way keeps me sane! Lol...And I'm thankful that at this time in my life I'm single!

I've had a lot of ups and downs in relationships and I can honestly say that for the first time in years I feel at peace :) There is no one to dump me at Christmas or at New Years. There is no stress of what am i going to get them for a present and I don't have to worry and cry and fret when the boyfriend doesn't call or text to wish me a Merry Christmas. That is so much stress on a person! And I'm not feeling blogged down by that.

I'm happy with myself too. I'm happy that at this point in my life I'm actually loosing weight again and I'm getting myself back on track! I'm thankful that can go into Old Navy and fit into a pair of their pants, I'm thankful that I can fit into the clothes in my closet and I don't need to buy a size bigger and I'm thankful that I have the love and support of my family and friends.

For the first time in about four years I'm just happy. Happy with me and happy with life.

Big sigh of happiness!

On this Thanksgiving I'll be spending it with those I love more than I can even say. To all of you...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ok so this morning I'm up early and watching the news....nothing new I'm an adult and I like to know what is going on in the world. Well on Good Morning America today they had a segment on about Twilight Moms. Yes they are out there and their group is growing. They seem to be giving the tweens a run for their money! Lol.

Now I've read the books, I've seen the movie and you can bet your bippy that I'm going to see New Moon in the theater! But I'm not obsessed with it. I'll admit I'm excited for it!! I'm not going to go join a club over it, lol. But I could really relate to what they were saying in the report. See Teenage girls love Twilight because of how hot Edward is or how hot Jacob is. But as an adult reading it I was taken in by the love story. The Twilight Moms say it gives you a spark of romance and I really do agree with that. It's been sometime since i read something that made me sigh out loud and giggle out loud when I read it. Heck to be honest the only book I've ever read that did that to me was a book called The Cat that went to Paris. (Very good read by the way)

Twilight gives you the romance you want out of life. It renews your faith in romance. The fact that someone could love you so much that they'd give their life for you is a very strong thing to women. Especially in this day and age of men who don't know what they want anymore. I swear most of the men I date are 12 year old boys trapped in 30 to 40 year old bodies. No one can commit because they are too afraid to let someone in. Everyone holds you at arms distance and no one wants to admit they like you because if they did that may show a weakness.

But as I read Twilight, Edward was the most wonderful man. He loved Bella with all his heart (or all he could since he's a vampire and he has no real heart, lol). Come on ladies deep down inside everyone wants a man like that. One that will pick you up when you fall, one that will love you unconditionally, one that be by your side good or bad, one that will give you that kiss that not only stops time but fills you with every emotion you can imagine! Yeah it's a romance book...and I'll read it over and over again because I know that there is a wonderful romance out there for me! I've not given up yet....he just needs to find me!

So as for you Twilight Moms.....ENJOY! And don't worry what people think, Twilight is for all ages!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello humans!

Omg...Mama is over the moon right now. She is down a pound. You would of thought that someone won the damn loto! Not much going on right now in the land of cats! It's been pretty quite. On Monday i watched the big snow flakes come out of the sky and i sure was glad at the moment that I'm a house cat! Our next door neighbor came home finally and I sure did give him the eye the other day. I thought maybe he'd just left, at least it's something else for me to monitor! My job is never done! Right now I'm pretty upset with Mama cuz I'm super hungry and she is waisting time online! I keep meowing and she just keeps on chatting and playing on facebook! I see she has a big piece of chicken out....I guess we're gonna have some white meat tonight! Yeah! I love a good piece of chicken! I see Mama also has her book out on the sofa so we'll be snuggling in for sure! Yippee!! I also have to say I'm waiting for Mama to start crocheting again she got it out the other night and i got to play for some time with the yarn! It's one of my favorite things to do, but Mama gets her panties in a bunch just because I like to put the yarn in my mouth....Big whoop! Well I think it's about supper time, I gotta go oversee things in the kitchen!

Later humans!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Attention humans.......Mama went to a craft show yesterday and she got me a toy! It's called a catnip squid and joy of all joys I love it! It's super soft and it flies through the air like nobodies business! I love to grab it in my paws and kick it with all my might! And last night i was throwing it all over and rubbing on it! It is a fun toy! Mama did super good!

She says she got all kinds of ideas yesterday for Christmas so she's feeling way better about her Christmas gifts! Hello homemade! Ha ha!

I got to see Grandma yesterday it was nice to see her....I don't get to see her very often because in my added age I get car sick. And it makes Mama concerned. She says it's too hard on me to travel. But it's ok, because I love my home! There is always something going on! Sure I miss the country sometimes, but I've really become a city cat!

Mama is headed out with Shianne today, big shopping trip for the ladies. I'll be nestled up napping and then when Mama gets home it's on! Cuddle time! That is what fall is all about humans! Cuddle time!!

Take it easy! Nap like a cat!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Morning humans!

Oh my what a week this has been. Mama has been working late the past few nights. And since the time change sometimes she doesn't get home till the sun is gone! She has been tired as all get out when she gets home but last night we curled up and had quality time while we watched Monk and ate ice cream!

Mama has also been on a cleaning kick! The other night she totally went crazy on the bathroom and everything smelled like bleach! She says it's the smell of clean but I say it burn my nose! I try to stay clear of the bathroom on bleach day! Lol!

Grandma is coming to town today! I've not seen Grandma in ages!!! She always gives me great amounts of Grandma love when she comes over and she always tells me how pretty I am and dotes on me :) Hey I maybe a cat but I'm also a girl and it's nice to hear those things! Mama says I gotta get all brushed up and pretty cuz Grandma's friend Jan will be here too! I hear the ladies will be going to lunch and a craft show and maybe some shopping. I wonder if anything fun will be gifted to me? Hummmm.....

Well humans I need to go for now Mama is barking at me that it's brushing time!

Keep your tails up!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello humans!

It's me! Scarlett the most wonderful cat on the planet! Well, lots of things have been going on here! Well if you count Mama buying new books and all that jazz! Mama went to the store today and got me new litter, so that is my big surprise today! Blahhhhh! Oh well Mama works hard for the money! I'll admit I like it when Mama brings home books, that is our quite time together! Or our snuggle time, whatever you'd like to call it! It's getting a bit cooler out and I like to snuggle up to Mama! Sometimes I like to lay on the books, I feel it lets me get my scent on them and then they are really like my books. It's a funny way to look at it but it works.

Cousin Shianne came over on Sunday and she and Mama and I watched an old Marilyn Monroe movie called How to Marry a Millionaire. Mama and I feel we need to school Shianne on the art of old movies! Lol! And she really seemed to like it. Who wouldn't like Marilyn Monroe? I have to agree with Mama she is the most beautiful woman of all time, paws down! Although I'll admit, my Mama is pretty cute! And lets not forget about me! I maybe a feline but I'm damn cute!

Mama was sick for a bit and now she's feeling better, I didn't have to do much this time around because she was at Grandma and Grandpa's when she felt sick. Normally I do my best to be the best four legged nurse there is. But Lizzy the dog (a.k.a. Mama's Sister) took good care of her this time around. Sometimes even us four legged nurses need time off! But I'm happy Mama is on the up and up! Well all I have to go and patrol the front room! Take care of yourselves!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hello all! Well lets see here shall we....lets get caught up on stuff. For the past couple of days I've had a sore throat. So this morning i wake up at my parents and my throat felt like crap! So we went into the clinic in town and they did a strep test. Negative, thank god!! but the doctor at least gave me some pills and hopefully we have nipped this in the butt before it got too far! If I would of waited it could of been full blown strep and I'd of had to of taken off work, and this just isn't a good time to do that! So I'll have a couple of days to fight it off!

Here is the amazing news.....they weighed me and I'm down 14 pounds! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! That is WONDERFUL!! I had no clue! Only 6 more and I'll be at 20 pounds! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just gotta do it! I'm gonna keep plugging away! My cousin and I were talking the other day about positive energy....Lolo, I got positive energy coming out of my ears right now!! And I'm so keeping it up! Thanks for listening to me and not judging ;) Now I just need to get over this virus. Grrrrrr!

Monday, November 2, 2009


YIPPEE!!!!! Even though today I'm on the bloat....I fit into my jeans!! Not as lovely with the muffin top that I'd like but I'm super on my way! They at least go on and zip with no worries!! I just need to get rid of the muffin top!! Grrrr!

Bowling tonight....I hope i do good like last time, I hit 101 last time which is great for me! Esp. since I'm not an avid bowler. But little by little I'll get better!

I'm begging Miss Scarlett to please make me some dinner, but she is all like, sorry Mama, I ain't tall enough to get to the counter and make your sandwich! Lol! Well all.....let's get crackin!


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Happy November humans!

Mama is up and at em! And she has flipped the calenders and turned back the clocks....well in all fairness Mama turned back the clocks last night when we went to sleep. Yesterday was a nice lazy day here in the house. Mama was doing her job for the Nielson Ratings and watching T.V. and me, well lets just say i was taking advantage by snuggling up all afternoon! Mama kept watching that stupid scary movie Halloween. Yeah there is something about humans wanting to get all freaked out for no apparent reason! Mama also made this super yummy smelling lasagna. But instead of using lasagna noodles you use ravioli. It smelled sooooo good!

Last night Auntie Joanna came over and Mama and she watched the game for a bit and then they went off with Auntie Tabatha and hit the haunted tours. When they got back Mama and Auntie Joanna had been to Sonic and had milk shakes and cheddar bites! And they didn't share! Grrrrrr! I wanted some of that deep fat fried goodness but Nooooooo! I'm just a cat! Blahhhh.

My feeding schedule is off right now due to the time change, I'm pretty hungry right now and Mama was in the kitchen a bit ago and she walked right past my dish without even looking at it! What's that all about?? I'm voicing my opinion RIGHT NOW! She'll listen! I've heard that today we are going to read....Mama started a new book and it's a good day to sit in the sun and read, me personally I'll be sitting in the sun and giving myself a bath.....nothing like it humans!

Happy Fall!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween to all! Well Miss Scarlett has at least let me sleep till 8 am today. But again she had to wake me up by messing with the box of crap laying next to the computer. This is the second day in a row that she has decided she must see what the contents of the box are and she had knocked it over! She is in trouble!! For this she has been locked out of the bedroom, which she hates!!!!! And she show you just how much she hates it by acting like a child! She will sit at the door and meow like it's the worst thing possible and she'll try to open the door by putting her paws under the door and trying to jimmy it. Oh yes just another fun filled day in the life of a cat Mama!

Operation fit-into-my-jeans is going well! I'm looking better in clothes! The whole goal here is to fit into the clothes in my closet and not have to buy more clothes. Times are tight and i really can't afford a new wardrobe less is the name of the game! I am however really enjoying the Campbell's cookbook that my cousin and I both bought and I can't believe how wonderful and simple some of the recipes are! The other night I made Creamy Ranch Pork Chops with Ranch Rice and even Scarlett gave it the approval, she really wanted a taste....but it was a bit rich for her! She is after all a cat! Lol. And the whole meal came out to 10 Weight Watchers points. So Yeah me!!

As for tonight....on this fun filled Halloween.....I'm headed out with the girls on a haunted tour of town. I've never been on it before but it sounded like fun and maybe I'll get a history lesson! Last fall my bff Joanna and my Dad and I went on the ghost tour of the Stanley in Estes Park Co. and we actually got an orb on camera! Besides the fact that while Joanna was taking pictures in the Stanley the camera got stuck on #666. Yeah that freaked me out a bit! But it was a fun tour and even dad liked it. It is a beautiful old hotel. Not to worry I'll post a pic! The pic of the orb is in front of the most haunted room in the hotel, room 227. It's the room that Stephen King stayed in when he came up with the idea for the Shinning. Yeah....that movie still freaks the crap out of me! Lol!!

Well wish me luck! And everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hello humans! Mama has been dropping the cat nip ball by not blogging lately and Auntie Joanna called her on it! So I figured to take things into my own paws and do some much needed typing!

Mama has been super busy with work and is very tired lately! On Tuesday she went to a comedy show with her friend Michelle and they had fun. Mama didn't get home till midnight and it was a work night! She had to get up on the morning and head off to work. I did my best to try and keep her in bed with me but she is a trooper and went to work!

Now we are watching T.V. since we are now a Nielson family and Mama has to log everything we watch we'll see just how much T.V. we actually watch! They even gave Mama money to do this. And we are super good at watching T.V. Lol! So far we've watched the news and Vampire Diaries, lol!

Tonight Mama went to Target and bought me nothing......grrrrrrrr! I don't like it when I don't get any presents! But she did come home and make the best smelling pork chops! The whole house smells wonderful!! She is being lazy now and not putting things away, I'll have to get on that and start meowing at her to get her butt in gear!

It's been the perfect napping weather today and I'm not too proud to admit....I did! And I'll tell ya this humans....I'm about ready to hit the hay again! Hey, don't knock it I'm a cat! It's what I do! Happy napping humans!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ok, so tonight I went and did laundry. Now there is this woman that comes in there with her daughter and she is there most of the times I'm there. I have a problem with this chick! Her daughter is probably 4 years old and the little girl is cute as all get out but she doesn't know how to use her indoor voice, lol. But this woman is not patient at all with this little girl she is always yelling at her to chill out and shut up. When the little girl tries to play with the video games there just to be playing with something the mother yells at her and tells her to knock it off. The mother never brings anything for the little girl to play with or draw with. And just yells at her for the littlest things.

It's really none of my business but damn....she's a little girl who in the time I've seen her has never acted out towards her mom in this public place all she is is a little girl with a bunch of energy. If you ask me this woman should take her own advice and chill the hell out! I can understand people being frustrated and all but this woman lays into this kid for nothing at all. And she uses that tone where you'd like to go over and smack the mother! I know I'm only the Mama of a cat and all, but for god sakes some people in my opinion should just never have children. This woman.....perhaps she should of had her partner wear a condom and then she could take her snotty attitude and shove it!

Sorry for the rant, lol!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Morning humans!

My what a weekend we've had! Mama is turning into a cat i swear! Lol! Yesterday I was up and at 'em early! But Mama was being a lazy butt and she stayed in bed till 10am....what does she think she's a teenager? Lol. I my own furry self was up and running around and keeping watch out the front window. When Mama finally got out of bed she made it no further than the couch where i was laying in wait for my morning meal....but Mama didn't have that on her schedule first, she made me wait a whole hour! And ya know what she was doing....watching Lifetime. Yeah, we had a Lifetime movie day, it happens humans! We are two gals living together, sometimes you gotta watch Lifetime!

Then Mama went and took care of Charlie....he's another cat that Mama sometimes sees on the side. Yeah I'm not happy about it but she takes care of him when his Mommy and Daddy are out of town. I always make her wash her hands before she touches me other wise i turn my nose up. Yeah I'm a snob, get over it humans!! I'm a cat, we're all snobs! Then one thing that made my day, Mama went to buy me new food! And I found it super quick in the shopping bag! And I've been rubbing on the bag all morning! Gotta make it smell like me! Ha ha!

Not sure what is on the schedule for today, but Mama has on her workout clothes so I'm pretty sure she is up to getting fit! Yeah that's another thing, with this operations fit into her jeans, she is making me go on a diet too! Although as a treat the other night she went to Sonic and i got two bites of fries! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She say sometimes you gotta have a fun day! Ok well it's time for my preening time!

Take care humans!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok all....I weighed myself today and I'm down....wait for it.......6 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg! I'm super excited!! I'm feeling very happy because I am proving to myself that I can do it again! I've been down in weight before but now I have the goal in mind and I'm working for it! I'm doing it for me and me alone. I want to feel better about myself and I want to feel attractive again!

I'm on my way! and I'm hoping that i can keep this up. This is the most I've lost in a very long time and Miss Scarlett is on kind of a diet too. We both need to watch our waistlines! She just doesn't know she's on a diet! Ha ha! I get the evil eye quite a bit when i head into the kitchen and she doesn't have the food in her dish that she thinks she should have! It's funny how human a cat can be! Lol.!

I'm just looking forward to getting back to myself! And I'm well on the way! Yeah me!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Happy evening humans! Oh my Mama has been so busy around the house! She has been in a fall mood! She got a new cookbook and has been making the house smell wonderful! I've been trying to help but not having thumbs really cuts down on the cooking tasks! Lol!

And she has decorated for Halloween too and it has really cramped my style esp. when I try to hop up on the trunk and get to my "perch". I have to walk all around these pumpkins. What a pain in the tail! And God forbid if I try to touch one, Mama has a cow! Right now I'm laying in bed waiting for Mama to get her butt in gear and join me. I've already laid claim on her book. She is really into all these Vampire books. Oh my she and Shianne.....they need help! Lol! I wish Mama would read more of those smart mysteries I liked so much. They are called Mrs. Murphy Mysteries. And they are super fun! They are about a corgi and a cat that solve mysteries before humans because animals are super smart. Way more than humans! Look at me....I've got my own blog! I've got my big girl pants on now humans! Lol!

It's been the best napping weather lately! But I have to agree with's just way to early for winter to begin! We really love fall! Oh how I want fall to come back! Maybe next week huh? Well kids i best be getting Mama in gear! She needs to wash her face and read me to sleep!

Tails up all!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Ok, so I've been contacted by the Nielsen Ratings and we've (Miss Scarlett and myself) been selected to be a Nielsen family! Lol! And heck yes I'm gonna do it! They contacted me today I took a short question period from them they will be sending me a diary to fill out on what I watch for a week and I send it back to them. Then they pay me $30. Why on earth wouldn't I do it! I've heard of this before but never knew anyone who had done it! And now I'm one of them! The lady i talked to on the phone was very nice and she said that it was so nice to talk to someone so pleasant on a Saturday morning! It's one of the few things i can be good at! Watching T.V. and getting paid to do so! Lol!!

We had quite a nice girls night last night, we headed to a country bar and took in a band. Dustin Evans. I'd never seen him before and they put on quite a good show. We even got out and danced a bit! Tabatha was a riot! She was feeling her Cheerios! She's not been that tipsy in a bit! But i feel that honestly everyone should have one of those nights once in a while!

Today was a good shopping day! I found a great pair of jeans! And it made my day! I also got some new books! Omg.....I must be stopped on all the books I've been finding! But I sure do love the Sookie Stackhouse series! It's super fun and a nice read! In fact I'm taking a timeout from reading to blog! Oh what a life huh? Lol. Hey give me a break, the State game is on and they are super sucking! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Come on Cats!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hello humans! Oh my what a day I've had! What a week I've had! Mama has not been home a whole lot lately but she says she will make it up to me this weekend in the way of cuddles and love! The annoying four footers up stairs they have up and moved out. In the middle of the night, crazy if you ask me! Mama and Duke were talkin about it last night and I agree with Duke I think they got kicked out due to the illegal four footers! One is ok two is not. Now we have a guy with braids who's moved in I saw him talking to Mama tonight outside. I like to keep a watchful eye on Mama!

Oh and......they were supposed to come and do some work on the place today and for that Mama had to clear out the bathroom and everything is laying in the dining room right now, it really torks me off because I try so hard to rub on it and make it smell like me and Mama has a hissy fit! Like just because i tip over one picture the world will come to an end???? I don't think so Mama!! But in the course of all this business Mama tricked me and locked me in the bedroom, I don't like to be caged in! I like to roam free! Even though she puts my litter and my food in the room with the big bed I still like my space! This greatly upsets me and I like to voice my opinion! But I think Mama is deaf when it comes to me and my demands!

Just like tonight when she finally got home from running all over town she has some Arby's with her. And I sat like a good cat right beside her on the sofa and kept looking cute and she wouldn't feed me a damn thing!! Not even one of the fries! OMG!!!!!! I finally had to take things into my own paws and I grabbed for her arm, then I got yelled at and really there should of been no problem, I mean i was looking super cute when I did it! What does a girl have to do to get some fries up in this joint??

Well humans i need to go i hear something outside and I must go and shove my head through the blinds and stare!

Tails up!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Tonight I've finished Married Lovers by Jackie Collins. I have to say it was a very good read. Just the right amount of twists and turns. I'd give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5. I've now started on the Sookie Stackhouse books, which I'm sure Shi will love so that I can discuss them with her! Lol. It's a Vampire series, so I'm sure I'll like it and I've been told they are hot! We'll see!

Thanks to those who took the Twilight poll. I see that the first book won out. If you ask me it was the best book of all four. The movie was a bit different from the book and they left some stuff out that would of made it make a bit more sense but all and all a very good love story even though it involves the undead! Ha ha! I still loose my breath when Edward and Bella are alone in the forrest all close and heavy breathing and he's afraid to kiss her for fear of loosing himself and killing her. Call me crazy but it's hot! Right spider monkey?? Inside joke! If you've seen the movie you'll get it! Ha ha!

Lets see how long it takes me to read this book, it's over 200 pages.....I'm not "Speed Reader Miller" but I'm going to do better with my reading. It's about all i got lately that helps me to relax and forget about all the other crap going on! Yeah for books!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Oh yes all my diet now has a title! This means serious business! Ha ha! I'm so proud of myself because a couple of weeks ago i tried on my jeans and it was all kinds of bad news! But today i put them on and this is my fat week and they fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh joy, oh joy...Happy dance, happy dance!! I look human in them too!!!!! (doing cartwheels here)

Now i weighed myself yesterday at work and as we know our scale at work weighs heavy (I'm not making that up, i swear) it's about three lbs. heavier. So i took what i weighed at my last Doctors appointment two weeks ago and subtracted what was on the scale before me yesterday and I've lost three lbs in the past week....or week and a half. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!! Jane my friend at work she said she weighed in too and she'd lost a pound! See it works!!! You just have to stick with it!

My friend Tabatha has lost 20 lbs. since January. YEAH!!!!!! I'm so proud of her she is doing so well! Both of us just want to feel better about ourselves. Well we are on our way!!!

In a side note....I've found tons of vampire book, mainly romance. I had no clue how many books were out there in "vampire romance" books. I'm super impressed and i can't wait to read, read and read! I bought some new ones today. I really need to get on the reading wagon! Ha ha! I went ahead today and bought a couple more than i thought i would but i tried to get the ones where there was only one copy. The ones that had two or three copies i waited on. I've got all kinds of time, it's not like I have a boyfriend, lol!! Besides reading is good for you!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello humans!

Oh my how I've been busy lately! There has been all kinds of stuff going on in the complex! First off I have to voice my opinion about Mama and Tank. He sure is getting pretty close to home if you ask this cat! He keeps running up to Mama and acting all cute and letting her pet him. Today she pet the other one....Roxy (does everyone name their dog that?) and i saw her do it too! The nerve!! Then Mama comes in the house and all of a sudden she wants a kiss....well I made her work for it!

Besides the fact that there are moving vans all over the place....I've been on top of the chair all afternoon (or as Mama calls it my perch) watching all kinds of furniture be moved in. Silly humans and all their stuff! Although I'm pretty happy with the sofa and bed we have!

I've also been in and out of the bathtub all day. Mama just doesn't get it....sure she gives me fresh water everyday and sometimes she gives me an ice cube too (it's to keep my water fresh and drinkable) but my favorite thing to do is jump in the tub after a shower or bath and feel the remains of water on my paws and I like to lick it up too....hey I'm a cat get over it! Ha ha! But what i really like to do is feel the mat in the tub under my paws....Shhhhh don't tell Mama! It's like pebbles and it feels sooooo good :)

Right now Mama is relaxing and I'm just sitting here listening to the wind wow it is strong today! I heard we are gonna read later. I can't wait! Last night I laid so nice and calm right next to the book on the bed and Mama kept giving me kisses.....I'm super spoiled! But I really wouldn't have it any other way!

Tails up humans!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I've really started to read a whole lot more the past year. I made a promise to myself that I'd read more and I sure am! Now I'm no speed reader like my cousin Shi, but i do enjoy myself a book now and then! I'm a huge Jackie Collins fan, although some of her books are hard to find due to them being out of print. Now my cousin Lolo has informed me that Jackie is an "old lady writer" HA HA! Well I don't know about that but she sure is a smutty writer and i LOVE it! Lol!

Another thing I've started reading and loving are Vampire Romances. I can thank my friends for getting me started on the Twilight series, which I've read all four and am waiting like everyone else for the fifth book to come out! Another friend told me about the Sookie Stackhouse books, which I've bought a few of those too. I've not got them started yet because I needed to break up my Vampires but reading a Jackie Collins book! I don't want to get all the Vampires confused! Ha ha! But now today I've found yet another Vampire book called Forbidden Nights with a Vampire, author Kerrelyn Sparks.....YEAH!!!!!!!!!! It sounds pretty hot! and I've got Shi interested as do I have my friend Joanna interested!

There is something sexy about Vampires! Duke and i have had the convo before, he asked me one night.....Why do women think Vampires are sexy? I told him i think it's because it's forbidden!! Besides the fact that it is nothing but pure lust and the fact that they just ravage your body! That can be super hot! And then the was all mannish and goes....Yeah but if they actually did that crap to you you wouldn't think it was so hot and you'd be in lots of pain. Men! So I go....yeah but what a way to go huh? All hot and bothered! Lol!!

I can't wait for my next paycheck, guess who's going to the book store! Lots of things to look for! Oh my where do i begin? Yes i have a stack of unread books in the house here the ones next to my bed are the ones i want to read one after another. There are other books around the place for me to read too....but the bed books are number one priority! Jackie Collins and Vampire smut. Ahhhhhh what a good fall to look forward to!!


Monday, September 28, 2009


Ok, so I'm starting! Today I stayed on track and stayed with my points and my co worker Jane is going to do it too! I gave her my extra tools to use to count points and she is pointing things out tonight as we speak! She said she wants to loose 20 lbs. I'd love that but my mini goal is to fit into my jeans and have them be comfy again! So wish me luck!

Scarlett should be happy tonight because I'm making chicken, it's one of her favorites! She always runs in the kitchen meowing when you open the package! Although yesterday she was talking up a storm with Duke. They have little conversations and it's too funny. He walked in yesterday and he goes "how are you Scarlett?" And she answered him right back with a loud meow. Then she proceeded to follow him around the apartment and keep "talking" to him! Which went a bit like this....Meow...What? Meow....What? oh yeah it was comical!

Well i should get off this crazy machine and get my butt in the kitchen. Tonight it's stroganoff chicken. Homemade! And only 4 points per piece! Goooooooo Team!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Man, weight loss is a bitch! Lol! I'm jumping on the band wagon again. I've reached a point where I just don't like how I look at all!! So the measuring cups and spoons came out and tonight I've been pointing things again! I don't have the funds to join up with Weight Watchers again, but i do have all the tools from before and i know what my weight is so I'm starting back up again. Best thing to do always follow portion sizes. I've let them get away from me. So tonight i even measured out my dressing on my salad and i forgot you can get allot of dressing goodness in 2 tbsp! I just have to reprogram myself from what I've been doing for the past few months. Shame, shame everyone knows my name! I've done it to myself and now I want to fit into the jeans i own! and not just fit into them but be happy in them.

Yes I did workout today too! yeah me! I need to get back into doing it everyday! Now yesterday I was at my parents and i had 20 trips up the stairs carrying various large items....So it counts, I was out of breath and hot and sweaty! Yup it sure does count people! Today it was back to the Belly Dancing routine. It won't happen over night....But it has to happen. I want to be happy with me again!


Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last night my mom and I sat and watched Monk. If you ask me Monk is one of the best shows on T.V. at the moment. And as we sat at the table last night and watched the show unfold my mom and i were putting our two cents in as to who dun it! And yes we figured it out but it was such a fun thing to do together and it really took me back. When i was a little girl I'd sit at the table and watch Murder She Wrote with my Plain Grandma (that is what we called her) and she and I would try to figure out who dun it! It was something that made me feel so smart if I could figure it out before Grandma! Although I know at this point and time in my life she just let me think she couldn't figure it out!

Now as an adult i sometime happen on Murder She Wrote and it transports me back to the early 80's and I'm sitting in the kitchen with Grandma and we are watching it and all of a sudden i feel like a little kid again! In my opinion i think that we need more fun shows like Monk. I'm sad that it's in it's last season. But I'm enjoying every bit of it! And I'm sitting on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who killed his wife Trudy!

I'm super tired of all the cop and detective shows on I mean how many different cities do we need to CSI in or NCIS or Law and Order.....Please bring more fun who dun it shows out!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Oh my....It's funny isn't life just keeps on moving! Miss Scarlett and i have a new girl that moved in next door. Her name is Christy and she seems very friendly. The apartment next door has been open for almost a month. Now Scarlett has someone to watch all the time! Ha ha! Besides her new bff Tank! Lol! As for me I'm doing pretty good for the most part. Although i did try on my jeans today and i was super not happy! I've got a lot of work ahead of me! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! I need to stop eating! and start working out more. I've become a lard ass and I'm not happy with myself! Oh boy the joy of being fat! Lol.

Speaking of.....I talked to my cousin last night and sometimes he just makes me want to smack him! I love him dearly but he was going off about chubby chicks and how he doesn't like them and I told him if he in fact doesn't like chubby chicks then why does he keep dating them??? And he goes...."well they are the only ones who will go out with me." LAME, LAME, LAME! I honestly don't understand how men can go out with people that they don't really have an interest in. I know it's a sex thing....but come on!! It just pisses me off!! Size shouldn't should be what is in your heart. But i guess that is just me thinking like a woman and not an ape!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hi there humans! It's Miss Scarlett! Omg, what a week I've had! Mama has been in and out so much....She's super busy. And i caught her the other day making nice with the four footers upstairs! And....I saw her actually pet them! The nerve!! Mama pet a dog....and right in front of me too! Then she comes in all smelling like nasty dog, BLAH!!!!!!!!

The one dog his name is Tank....In the old days Mama says that Tank would be a mutt (he's half wiener dog and half lab, or something like that) nowadays people call those hybrid dogs. I'm sure they payed high dollar for him. Everyone ohhh's and ahhhh's over this four footer....personally he's gotten a bit too close for comfort if you ask this cat! He likes to sit on the other side of the fence and look at me and cock his head to one side or the other. I like to stare him down.....I never blink when looking at can't trust a dog!! And he's has started coming up to my door and touching his nose to the glass....I think he thinks he can smell me right through the glass......Silly ass dog! Ha ha!

Oh Mama and i had company tonight....Her new friend came over and hung out for a while....I am so comfortable around him that I just lay at his feet and fall asleep! Cat people are so much better to be around.....and they don't smell! Ha ha! I can totally understand how in the Twilight series (Mama and i read those) how Edward could tell Jacob smelled funny....Dogs smell!!

I've been very busy today....Keeping an eye on Tank is an all day job! I swear that dog goes to the bathroom every other hour! And then i had to take cover when Mama ran the vacuum...That thing scares the hell out of me! Of course it can never find me cuz I'm behind the sofa....till it has it's back turned on me and then i make a break for it and run under the bed! I'm not stupid, Mama has all kinds of boxes under there and the vacuum could never find me there! Oh and i helped do the dishes tonight. While Mama washed i sat at her feet and looked very cute.

Hey don't knock it! I'm a cat, it's what i do!

Tails up humans!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Some days are good and some days are bad. Today I'm feeling kind of blue. Certain things are starting to sink in with me post breakup. See I'm 33....I never really had this big life plan I normally just see where life takes me. Well so far life has sent me right down the crapper. People my age are normally married with children and a house. I have struck out on all three. With no hope what so ever to get any of the three.

I live paycheck to paycheck. I have a date here and there. And I'm pretty sure children are out of the question for me. Normally things like this would never get to me but lately (since Jr.) those are things I have been thinking about. I had never been with a man up till Jr. that ever wanted those things with me so I really never thought about it. Then i met Jr. and he wanted all those things with me. He told me i was the one for him the one he would one day want to marry and have a family with and me being the stupid female that I am fell hook, line and sinker for his shit.

Now here i sit....alone again. And pretty much devastated as can be. Most of the men I've met in the past have only had time to have sex with me and move on. They can't be bothered with a relationship. And it seems that the minute you put a title on things like "boyfriend" they run. Here is a good question for my readers....all four of you, ha ha! If you are with someone for a couple of months and you have had sex multiple times and gone out and hangout during all your free time aren't you in a relationship? Aren't you then boyfriend and girlfriend? But see men freak out and that is when they run!

I've had some really nice men travel through my life....but it's always the wrong time and no one ever wants to try because see....someone cheated on them once and by God i may do the same thing. Well then people don't know me at all do they? Me personally....I've been cheated on and lied to by the best of them. I'm not so stupid anymore. I can tell when it's over! That is exactly why i had to just walk away when i did from Jr. and let it go. Sometimes it's more sane to do so and forget about them. That's what I've been trying to do you see. Forget about the man that didn't have enough faith in me and us to stay here and stick it out and try. You can't start a life with someone who runs away for silly reasons!

I'm really not even feeling like dating anymore. I honestly don't see what is worth the pain that I've been through in the past few years. It's amazing to me how these men can just move on and it not bother them at all. Me I'm too emotional i guess. But from now on....I'm all walled up again. Like a castle fortress! I really can't take the heartache anymore. I can't wish for a life I'll never have.

It seems like anymore that men only want skinny girls with no opinion. They also like flakes with four kids from different men and women with self esteem problems. But see me...I'm curvy, I stand up for myself and i am single and never married no kids....One of my exes Tony said that was refreshing....He said it was better that way no baggage. Well two years later from that breakup and here I sit. Still as confused as can be as to what men really want.

I'm a good person with a big heart and I've been smacked in the face by love and I just don't have it in me to fight back. I am just sick to death of all the crap.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Amazing that I'm doing so me! And i'm talking heart wise. I'm almost one month post breakup and for the first time ever after a breakup I'm not just sitting here stuffing my face and crying and going boo hoo!! I'm working out, I'm going to the movies, I'm spending time with people that make me smile. And that is a wonderful thing to do! I have made a bit of a new friend....Miss Scarlett really likes him. Don't worry folks, he and I are just hanging out....I'm super not ready to date! But he is someone that I now kind of kick myself in the ass because I went out with Jr. instead of this guy....I never get anything right! Grrrrrr! Oh well, he's leaving soon to go to another post. So again my timing is bad, bad, bad, lol! I'm happy that he and i have been spending time together though.

Oh and my oh my....I'm going to start bowling in a league. I'm supposed to be the 6th member of a 4 member team. There are supposed to be two subs.....well I'm getting called up for this Monday. I hope i can bowl well! Or well enough for them to get their handicap, lol!! I bowl about a 90....So pray for me! Ha ha! And I've been told they play a card game too while bowling....I've heard it's like poker (or it is poker) omg....I'm gonna need a cheat sheet! Lol!! And I'm really enjoying my new Jackie Collins book....Man i love a good smutty book, ha ha!

I may of lost allot in the past month....But at least this time I've not lost myself (like in the past). I'm better for all that I've been through and I'm on the mend so much better now. Either that or i truly am just plain numb. Who knows anymore.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Good morning humans :)

What a weekend Mama and I have had! Friday night there were some loud idiots out with their thumping music on way too loud. It didn't seem to bother Mama so much because she was watching a documentary on the History Channel but my ears pick up way more than hers! I sat in the window and stared for quite some time up the stairs and sent out my kitty waves for them to shut up!! The loud apartment was the one with the dogs and I have to admit it was funny to see the dogs get away from the drunk idiots and then they had to stop said party and find the four footers!! Ha ha! I as a fellow four footer can't blame the dogs for wanting to leave the party....They had bad taste in music!

Yesterday Mama went to a movie with Auntie Tabatha (all of my Mama's friends are my Auntie's) they went to see Sorority Row. Mama said it wasn't scary at all....and that she and Auntie Tabatha just laughed at a few of the parts of the movie. Mama said all and all it was predictable. Figures you know. But Mama did go to the store yesterday and she went to Target! I love when Mama brings home stuff in bags!! Oh my how i love to snoop!! And in one of the bags I found my food! Oh yes I can sniff that out like there is no tomorrow. I was nosing through the bags and i found all kinds of things. Mama bought some roast and she says she's gonna put it in the crock pot today. I love that smell.....It makes the whole house smell wonderful!

Well humans i need to patrol the outside of the building.....I do that by sticking my head out of the blinds and staring outside. You never know when those four footers from up stairs will come out and try to run from their owners, ha ha!

Tails up humans! TTYL

Friday, September 11, 2009


Eight years later and I still remember it like yesterday. I've been watching a documentary tonight on the History Channel and it is amazing to me how easy it is to remember and yet how easy it is for some to forget.

I remember that day clearly. I had just gotten back from a family vacation that weekend in Colorado. I was also sick as a dog since my friends and i had gotten drunk as skunks at the bar that weekend and then decided to jump in the hot tub at 2am in 20 degree weather. Yeah I had gotten one hell of a sinus infection and I honestly thought I was gonna die! But that day I got up and got myself ready and went to work. When the first plane hit the first tower i was just pulling into the driveway at work and i just sat there for a minute in the car dumb founded. Then when the second tower went down all of us were sitting around work listening to the radio. And i recall...the phones didn't ring. I remember coming home at lunch that day and watching on 20 different channels the towers coming down again and again. I also recall the fear it put into me and most of the U.S.

It's so weird to remember something so clearly.....But sometimes that is just what we do. I remember when the space shuttle blew up when i was in grade school, I remember it because I was home sick and I saw it unfold on the news.

I also remember when the first war broke out in Iraq I was in high school and we watched it on T.V. in the teachers lounge because it was the only T.V. in school hooked up to cable! And we watched history unfold in front of us.

Now as I got older I was in a way more interesting place when Princess Diana died....I was at a keg party....I swear i can't make this stuff up! This guy comes running into the party and was like Princess Di just died. Now we all thought he was being an idiot. Until a bunch of us went to my house to make breakfast and turned on the T.V. and all be damned, she'd been in a car accident.

I remember watching the funeral of President Regan. I was here in my place with my best friend Kelly and we cried. We cried because he was a good man and as kids we could remember the just say no campaign. Sure i was too young to know what was going on....but he was the first President that I could look at and go....oh O.K. that is what a President does!

Heath Ledger....I had just got home from work and my friend Joanna was headed over to go out to supper and i turned on the news and there it was plastered all over the news...Heath Ledger, dead.

Michael Jackson.....I was at the movies with my friend Kelly and my cousin Shianne...Shianne's husband texted her and told her and we really thought he was being an ass! But as I started the engine of the car Kelly was checking her i-phone and all be damned it was burning up facebook. We came home here and it was all over the news.

Tragedy happens everyday. Life isn't fair, we all know that. But as for 9-11 it is something that we never need to forget. All those innocent people dead and for what reason exactly? Because someone has enough hate in their hearts to kill for the sake of killing. What point exactly comes across? It's eight years later and the cowards that did this to us are too afraid to come out of hiding and face us eye to eye. Shouldn't that tell everyone what kind of people these are?

Well that is just my little view point.

Thanks to all that you do...Police.....Fire Fighters......Soldiers.....and other Service members.

Never forget those that do for you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ok, so I've decided that this is the time in my life where it's ok to be single because it's the new fall T.V. season, lol!! Having a boyfriend would just mess up my T.V. viewing schedule! Between working, working out, and the new fall line up who has time for a date? Ha ha!

Ok on a serious note....I talked to the ex last night. It really doesn't get any easier at all. But I have to put all this behind me and move on with my life. I can only be sad for so long you know. I've shed so many tears and when i hear his voice i so badly want him to come back to me. But it wouldn't be good for either of us. I know this is different because he didn't cheat on me and he is not a bad guy. It just is the situation and there really is no way around it. And that breaks my heart more. Last night just hearing his voice tore my heart more. I truly do have strong feelings for him and i have a love for him that I never thought I could have for anyone. But it's not going to happen for us and that is what really sucks! I wish to God that we could have a do over and i could fix all the problems he has. But I'm only human.

One of my friends told me she thinks I'm so strong and that I've been through enough that she doesn't know how I find the strength. Well you know what I think? I think I've seriously been through the ringer enough and this strong lady is just done, done, done! No more dating, no more falling in love and no more of the drama of a break up. My heart just can't take it any more. So i walk away from dating.....there are worse things.

For the first time in my life with this guy i felt true love and i felt what it's like for someone to really love me and only me. That's what hurts the most. Knowing that person is out there and I can't be with him. And that is all I want....I want to be with him, laughing with him, seeing his big brown eyes stare into mine and hear him whisper "I love you" in my ear.

But since i can't have that I'll just have to be happy with the fall line up. So far 90210...wonderful! The new Melrose Place....has potential! And Sons of Anarchy is up next! And hold onto your pants kids....there is a new vampire show coming on....Thank you CW :)

Monday, September 7, 2009


Ok, so i headed out shopping with my cousin today and she found some cute things at a lovely price! That is always a plus! As for me i was a good girl today and I didn't buy a thing, I'm on a pretty tight budget nowadays! Maybe one day I can shop again! After my break up with Ken at the beginning of the year I did a bit of retail therapy and I'm still making up for that! Yikes!! Oh well you know how it goes.

I was telling my cousin my new life now is going to be way more workouts and way less weight gain! I just can't gain back any more of the weight I've lost over the years. I've worked too hard on it and I just don't want to go up another size! Grrrrr! I'm an 18 now....I'm not devastated by it, I just don't want to go up another size! In the past when i lost the weight i was on weight watchers and i exercised every day. Now at this point of my life i can't afford weight watchers but i can workout every day. I just needed to find my niche. Got it! Belly dancing!! Yuppers I love the way it makes me feel after a workout like that. It involves my whole body and it really helps shape up your curves. I just need to stick to it! I need to replace men with workouts! It makes me happier anyway. Your workout dvd's can't let you down! They can't freak out and run away and they can't make you feel bad. They are designed to make you feel better about yourself! And I'm gonna!!

I told Shianne today as we were in one store that i just don't want to be one of the women (like we saw today) that doesn't realize that it's not her hips that were making her look large, it was the excess weight she had hanging over the hip hugger jeans and the huge muffin top she had with the skin tight sweater she had on. Omg what are people thinking???? And she kept asking her boyfriend what he thought and then she said and i quote "well you go pick out something you want to see me in." Wow i thought how about a nice bag, lady!! Seriously are we now a nation of "I don't look in the mirror anymore?" Seriously I'm not Stacey from What not to Wear, but i know when a size 24 is cramming into a size 22 and it doesn't look good!

I'm the type of person that likes to wear sexy things at times and i like to play up my curves....but i look in a mirror before I hit the bar or the mall! I told Shianne, please don't ever let me get like that! And she promised me she'd make sure! She's such a good girl! I guess I'm just a prude! Although in my opinion a woman who wears skin tight clothes really shouldn't be having fat hangover her a pants. It simply doesn't look right ladies!

Please, please, please look in a mirror from time to time! Ok?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Greetings from the farm! I've been home for the past couple of days at my parents house. I've had some corgi time and i'm feeling much better. For the past two nights I've had the company of a very silly, bed hogging corgi! You really have no idea how strong these little dogs are till you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and when you climb back up the stairs and try to get back into bed the dog has suddenly took over your spot! Mom taught me that if you want to regain your bed positon with Lizzy you have to tuck and roll her like a transfer of a patient in a bed. So last night opperation tuck and roll was underway! Ha ha!

I swear that Lizzy has a clock in her that's 7 am, Sister has to pee and I think I'm going to press and jump as hard as I can on her bladder cuz she need to pee....Oh yes I'm pretty sure she can sense that alright! This morning I just couldn't hold it any longer and before I could lift her out of bed she hit the hardwood running and was down the stairs and hopped in mom and dad's bed before i could even turn the corner of the kitchen. When i left the bathroom she was laying at the top of the bed between mom and dad and looking at the window. Mom said she thought I'd coax her back upstairs with me but frankly I needed just a smidge more sleeping time and if you wake a sleeping corgi, well the licking just won't stop!

Just now i went out to pack up the car and in the middle of the sidewalk there is a flat frog. Now we call them "road toads" they have been flattened and they seem to be a perfect chew toy for Lizzy. I've seen her running through the yard with them before, yuckkkkkkk!!!!!! Now she has a new road toad. Mom says it was ran over down by the shed the other day. Well Jr. Sleuth Lizzy dog found it and now she has a new toy. YUCK!!

Well all i need to get my butt in gear and get back on the road! Safe travels to all this holiday weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello all! This is Miss Scarlett, morning =0)

Mommy has today off and I've already been super helpful! I let her sleep all the way till 7 am! Which is really good since she hasn't been sleeping well. I'm a wonderful alarm clock you see i like to hop up on the bed and apply pressure to her thigh. I'm so good at this that I just put all the pressure on my front two paws and it is very effective. Mommy says it hurts but I just look at her and tell her to suck it up!! Then i start in with the walk bys. I start to pace back and forth and then i begin to purrrr very loud. Oh she tried to be sneaky and pull me in and snuggle but i was onto the game! I let Mama hold me for a minute or two then i very gently pinched her. Now Mama says it's a bite....please! If i wanted to bite her I would! Ha ha!

Since Mommy is off today it's going to totally get in my way of my day. I'm off my schedule! At least she has Good Moring America on. That is my favorite news program. Mommy said something about working out this am, that is going to keep me from hearing my Robin Roberts! She'll be in and out all day and how am i supposed to get the required 5 hour nap? Oh my I'm going to be really off today!

But I have to say Mommy is in need of the 4 day weekend. She's been through alot lately and I've tried my best to help her with this. Jr. is gone and Mommy is dealing as best as she can. I've been cuddling with her and loving on her I don't like it when Mommy cries. I always try to look super cute and give her kitty kisses when i can so that she will smile. Mommy has a wonderful light the room up smile and i like her to use it as much as possible!

Well humans i need to get my morning meal....i sure do like my meals! I need to get Mommy caught up on what happened while she was snoring last night and I need to keep my eyes on those City of Manhattan workers that have been soooo loud for the past week outside the bedroom window. Yesterday they kept yelling at this guy Kevin. And i kept telling Mama...Kevin better get his ass in gear! Ha ha! So far today it's just the bobcat making loud beeping noises. It's like they have no clue that people have the day off! Well we're off to the living room!

Keep your tails out of the litter this weekend!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Yes somedays you just need to scream in the car just to relieve tension! Try it, it's amazing! Other days you just need to get through the day and move on with your life. To say that i'm handling this well is a good statement. I hardly cried today....not that i didn't want to. But i had a ruff time when i had to take our picture out of the frame on my desk at work, it was just too hard to see a picture of us and not get a bit weepy. So i replaced it with a totally cute pic of Miss Scarlett :) It's so wonderful how happy my little kitty can make me!

I think the thing that is horrible about this break up is that this man was (and is) a wonderful, faithful man. He simply freaked out and ran off without talking to me and discussing his problmes with me. He's not a cheater or anything like that. Those are the ones that it's easy to yell at and get mad with (those are the ones i normally get). But this man is a good man and those are super hard to find nowadays. I didn't throw him away, I never gave up on us, he gave up on me. And when he didn't fly here last night to be with me it showed me that he had given up on us, and that is what hurt the most. Knowing that this man loves me and wanted to have a future with me and that he didn't even try.....That hurts more to me than if he would of cheated on me. At least then i have some blame levels.

This is simply a money thing. We could of figured things out I'm a planner!! We could of paid a bill here or there or he could of gotten a smaller car payment. But he left and didn't even try!!! That's what hurts the most. Knowing he gave up on me before he even got to see. The tears are pretty much gone here i've cried all i can cry. As for my heart.....well that is a different story, i just can't do it anymore. I just can't take the heartbreak anymore. I honestly have a black hole where my heart should be.

I've had it ripped out more than i can take. The one thing i vow is that with this breakup i'm not going to gain weight! After my breakup with Glenn the King of Assholes I gained weight. Then the breakup with Tony was horrible!!!! I gained weight. And then there was Ken....I went up from a 16 to an 18. NO NO NO!! This breakup is different. In fact i've been kind of good. Although last night Wendy's was my bff! This ticker of mine is just off the market! It just can't take another break. It's shattered and there isn't enough glue in the state to fix it.

He asked me if i could ever trust him again. And I said i never not trusted you. But he held things from me that i needed to know! And for the most part he told me well after the shit had hit the fan! So if in fact he had the same feelings for me as i had for him he should of trusted me enough to tell me!! It's not much to ask for you know. But then again i think like a woman...ha ha.

There was a point where he said he wanted to come back and be with me....part of me was like ok get on the fucking plane and get your ass here!!!!!! But then my sensible side kicked in and i told him I'm not selfish and he needed to spend his money on his son and his family and not on me and a plane ticket here! Who am i kidding....I'd love nothing more than to have him laying right next to me tonight or have him sitting on the sofa right now but life isn't fair and we don't always get what we want.

As i said before i had to set him free......I have to let him figure out his feelings and i have to let him try and pick up the pieces of his life. As for me....I'll mend, but I'm just not wanting to have any relationships now. I can't date someone else. I had it in my mind that this was the man that i was actually going to open myself up to and I had no trust issues for the first time in my life. I was ready to take the next step and move in and see where life took us. Well aren't i took my boyfriend all the way to puerto rico and it left me right on my sofa.

Isn't that a bitch??

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So we broke up. Yes I can admit it. He just kept yoyoing. (yes it's a word cuz i say so!) There are no more tears left and there is nothing left in the area where my heart used to be. I love him so much that i had to let him go. It's not fair to either of us you know. I'm so tore up about this.

For the first time in my life i had this wonderful man that loved me so much and I loved him more than anything. But some things are more important than our love. His family is more important and i know that and i couldn't ask him to come back here and spend more of his depleting funds on me when he should be there with his son and family. Me....well i'm going to pick up the pieces again and move on again. But this's gonna be super hard to move on. So for moving on, just personal private time. Just me time. And i'm going to throw myself into aerobics and books. If i can't have a good romance in my life i might as well read about it.

I knew in my heart deep down that he'd never come back. Even though he still says he wants to...I know he can't afford it, he has more at stake than i do he has this adorable little son and i am not a selfish person, I can't ask him to spend more money on me and come here. He has to take time and figure out what is important to him and that is what i told him.

As for is out. There is nothing i can offer anyone right now. I never knew you could hurt so much just by setting someone free. Now it's time for the old saying....If you set it free and it comes back to you it's yours. He actually told me tonight that he didn't want to leave me but that he was scared. Scared he'd not find a job and that i'd kick him out. I'd never do that!! But i can't get that through his head and I'm just tired.

He was supposed to be flying into the airport fact this is the time i was supposed to be going and picking him up. He wasted his money on his ticket.....and he broke the already shattered pieces of what was left of my heart. It'll take time......time to mend......again :( I told him in time he'd forget about me and he'd meet someone else and he'd have the wife and family he wanted. And he told me he'd never in his life forget me. It's nice to hear but men always forget you once something better comes along. This is something you have to realize as a woman. This will be the hardest thing I've ever had to do....I have to move on from what was the love of my life. The one man that actually told me his feelings for me and the man who actually wanted a life with me.

How do i do this?

Monday, August 31, 2009


Deep breath......deeeep breath!!!! My boyfriend is moving in with me. Lets take into account that i have not lived with anyone in 10 years, but then there is the fact that I'm going to need to clear space for him in my favorite place of all time....the closet! The other day I was talking to my cousin Shianne and i go, "where am i going to put my boyfriend?" We agreed that I'd need to invest in some of those rubber tubs from Target. See i have lots and lots of clothes and some of them yes i can't fit into right now...but I really can't bring myself to get rid of them cuz what happens if i loose ten lbs? Well then i need those clothes!

Besides the fact that i'm just plain scared shitless!! Ear muffs!!! lol! We never really know if these are the best things but i can at least say i'm trying. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?? Well that should be my new motto :) He's unsure of certain things and i'm unsure of certain things, the one thing we both know is we love eachother and we don't want to be without one another. Everything else we'll have to figure out as we go along.

Tonight he claimed I sounded a bit "hostle" and i go lets recap everything that has happened in the last month and then you imagine how it has made me feel and then you think about how you would be reacting.....He was quiet for a bit and then he said and i quote "yeah i'd be mad too."

I've been a roller coaster of emotions for about a month, but the one emotion that has never changed is my love for him. I did fall in love with this man and i'm willing to take a step into the unknown and open myself up to him like i've never done before. He'll get a key and he'll have to figure out how to stay on Miss Scarlett's good side! lol! Although she has no major issues with Jr. since he tends to feed her things even when i say No!! One bite of chicken is ok, four bites of chicken not ok! Spicey food....not ok!! There is a list that she can have, cottage cheese is her favorite! chicken, tuna, shrimp, popcorn, a bite of a french fry. Now don't get me wrong she doesn't get a ton of stuff but she gets a bite here or there. And he has to realize that just cuz she is cute and begging (yes cats beg) that he can't feed her everything.

Btw....cats begging go like this......sit on the sofa looking at you longingly, sneak ever so slowly to one side as if to say i'm just sniffing things Mama. One of my favorite things is when Scarlett puts a paw on your arm just as you are taking a bite, or if sitting with a T.V. tray and she puts two paws up on the table and slowly lifts her head so you see ears first and then her nose. Yes she can be tricky and Jr. has to learn that even though this is cute, it's a ploy to get what she wants....FOOD!

Who can blame the little girl? She's like her Mama, she likes her food! Well it's time to call it a night....Wish me luck on my new adventure into roomate land.


I've been having crazy dreams lately....most of them very vivid too. One of them was so real that i thought when I woke up that Jr. was laying right next to me I swore he was here with me. It was like I could feel his body heat next to me....I think it just turned out to be Miss Scarlett laying next to me though....she puts out so much heat! Ha ha! Last night was not a night off from my dreams....I had a dream that I was in a house where half of it was over water and there was a shark that was killing people by coming up through the floor and then in the second half of the house which was considered a "babysitter house" you can guess what was going on in that half of the house. (shiver). Then i woke up thank God! But when i fell asleep....i had a new dream one of my ex asshole, yup....Glenn is now haunting me in my dreams! In my dream he was a fire inspector in J.C. and he was inspecting some building I was in and i kept trying to hide so he wouldn't see me. And i kept thinking to myself....he should be taller. WTF is that all about?? I have not thought of him in years!!!! Now he's showing up in my dreams? Yikes!!

It sucks to not be able to make any sense of your dreams you know??

Sunday, August 30, 2009


So this is my first day as a blogger!

It's been a nice relaxing Sunday. Miss Scarlett has had her mid day nap and is up and keeping an eye on the upstairs dog. Yes the dog has went for it's walk this afternoon and Miss Scarlett made sure to keep an eye on her. I on the other hand have been a bit more productive by cleaning the house and got stuff thrown together in the crock pot for dinner. Miss Scarlett is a wonderful help in the kitchen. She loves to cook herself, well actually she likes to run in and sit next to her dish thinking that some tasty bit of food may just fall somewhere on the floor! lol!! She loves to be a help!

One of the things I've been doing today is reading....I've not had much time lately to catch up on my book. Yes....I'm admitting that I've fallen a victim of the twilight series! I'm on book 4 called Breaking Dawn and as I've been told by my friends who have read it before me i need to speed up the reading process, ha ha! My baby cousin whom i like to call "Speed Reader Miller" has lapped me twice while reading this book! lol! Miss Scarlett loves to read too! well, she likes to "help read". And by doing that she likes to lay on the book as i try to read. Sometimes it's not just laying on the book, sometimes it's walking on the book, or she'll get a good pace going on, or her personal favorite....laying right next to the book and resting her head on the page I'm needing to turn, which God forbid i need to turn said page i get the most annoyed look! Any cat owner will know just what look that is! Ha ha! Well I've not got that much farther left in the book, but i had to take a time out and get up and around!

Another activity that Miss Scarlett loves to do is aerobics. Now her idea of aerobics is much different than mine. My idea is getting up and moving around at top speeds and jumping and all that jazz till you work up quite a dew! lol! Miss Scarlett is more of a kick the crap out of a toy kind of cat. She'll run around it a bit and throw it in the air and pounce. But once I start working out then it's game on for her! My new obsession for working out is belly dance. I've done this type of workout before and loved it, and not that long ago i found some new belly dance dvd's when my boyfriend and i went to Hastings. Now when i picked these dvd's up he gave me a bit of an eye roll and i said you'll see! you'll see how i can tone up just by using these workouts! Which was followed by he saying "you look great like you are". Awww sweet i know right? well that isn't what a woman wants to hear and then come home and snuggle up and have him touch my fat rolls! lol!

According to my boyfriend as he was watching one of the dvd's with me (i like to watch them first so i don't feel like a total tard when i start) he thought it was just porn, lol!! He was watching the dance moves and listening to the odd music and goes....looks like porn to me. Only a man right ladies? I'll admit at first i was like belly dancing?? But yes trust me it works muscles you never knew you had! It'll take time but I'm going to overcome!

Now anyone with a pet knows that when it comes to a workout that they are "helpy helpers" and Miss Scarlett is always wanting to be near me and help me. She got a bit close one day and learned that if Mama is kickboxing she needs to be a nice distance away! I'll admit, kickboxing is not Miss Scarlett's favorite kind of workout! But with belly dancing she pretty much sits in front of the TV on the floor and watches me like I'm in a tennis match, ha ha! Out of all the workouts i have bought though i have to say Yoga is Miss Scarlett's favorite! She loves to try and knock me off balance during the warrior position or the chair position. But her favorite position of all is downward facing dog. She likes to walk right under you and sit down and meet eye to eye, as if to say...what kind of crazy position is this Mama?

I guess you could call me the workout dvd queen! I've bought many and I'm sure that I'll buy more. I've been told i need to settle it down....but i get bored quite quickly of different workouts and i like to spice it up! That is what life needs right a little bit of spice? Well if you'll excuse me it's about time to spice up the afternoon! Belly dancing anyone??


Let me start by saying hello! my name is Melanie and i'm just your average thirtysomething, living in a college town in the midwest and trying to keep my head above water! I've been inspired by a movie i saw to start writing a blog. I'm not sure who will be reading but i know my family will be! LOL!

I've always thought i was born at the wrong time in history, I'm more of a old fashioned type of gal. i believe in god and i have a love for my family. I'm a 9-5 kind of person and i love to spend my quite time with my lovely 6-7 year old cat. Her name is Miss Scarlett. She is one of the loves of my life! She is a wonderful companion and she keeps me guessing from day to day! Right now she is laying in the front window and watching the trafic go by. I call this her Kitty TV.

Lets for me, i'm 33 never married and i have no kids. Some may think that to be odd, but in this day and age i think it's more accepted. I've noticed more and more that there are more 35 year old women having children that there used to be. My mom has told me that it's because by 35 you have settled down a bit more and got all the crazy stuff out of your system. I have to agree with my mom :)

I am embarking on a new adventure in my life here and I thought why not give this a try and see where it lands me. What is the saying? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Well lets start the adventure shall we?