Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Right now I'm enjoying my time away from the city! Yesterday I put up and decorated my parents tree....and last night mom and I sat by the tree all light up and watched a movie. And we both just doesn't seem like it should be Christmas yet.

Now I've been spending some good quality time with my "Sister" her name is Lizzy and she is a Corgi! Lol. And she is by all accounts my Sister! Let me let you in on something with my Sister....she is a bed bully! Yup I said it! Oh my, when she sleeps with you she takes up most of the bed, now at night when she's out she's out. But in the morning it's a total sneak attack. Before you know it she has went from the foot of the bed to the head of the bed and her cold nose is buried in your hair and searching for your neck! Then comes the full attack! She likes to pin me down to the bed by covering my body sideways with her body draped over my body, trust me there is no moving except for her wiggling around. Now if your bladder survives this attack then comes the licking and the "love bite" which is where she takes your hand or arm in her mouth and won't let go. Mom calls it a heat massage.....yeah ok, lol. But I wouldn't trade her for another dog at all.....She's little and she's mighty and she is a wonderful sister!

Oh yes by the way, this morning when I got my sister out of bed, she ran down the stairs and i was still in the bedroom and i heard a loud bang, well when I got to the top of the stairs i saw dad had closed the door on the foot of the stairs and sister must of ran into the door, lol. Of course I stood there laughing as Lizzy sat on the step looking up at me and i just said...."denied". When i made it down the stairs (laughing all the way) I could hear dad laughing on the other end. I opened the door and she made a mad dash for dad in his chair! He said he heard her hit the door and laughed. Hey animals are funny! lol.

Well everyone enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well it's that time of year again. Thanksgiving. I'm taking this time to look back at my year and give thanks for all. What am i thankful for? I'm thankful for my family, or my rock as I'd like to call them. I'm thankful for my cat who in a funny way keeps me sane! Lol...And I'm thankful that at this time in my life I'm single!

I've had a lot of ups and downs in relationships and I can honestly say that for the first time in years I feel at peace :) There is no one to dump me at Christmas or at New Years. There is no stress of what am i going to get them for a present and I don't have to worry and cry and fret when the boyfriend doesn't call or text to wish me a Merry Christmas. That is so much stress on a person! And I'm not feeling blogged down by that.

I'm happy with myself too. I'm happy that at this point in my life I'm actually loosing weight again and I'm getting myself back on track! I'm thankful that can go into Old Navy and fit into a pair of their pants, I'm thankful that I can fit into the clothes in my closet and I don't need to buy a size bigger and I'm thankful that I have the love and support of my family and friends.

For the first time in about four years I'm just happy. Happy with me and happy with life.

Big sigh of happiness!

On this Thanksgiving I'll be spending it with those I love more than I can even say. To all of you...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ok so this morning I'm up early and watching the news....nothing new I'm an adult and I like to know what is going on in the world. Well on Good Morning America today they had a segment on about Twilight Moms. Yes they are out there and their group is growing. They seem to be giving the tweens a run for their money! Lol.

Now I've read the books, I've seen the movie and you can bet your bippy that I'm going to see New Moon in the theater! But I'm not obsessed with it. I'll admit I'm excited for it!! I'm not going to go join a club over it, lol. But I could really relate to what they were saying in the report. See Teenage girls love Twilight because of how hot Edward is or how hot Jacob is. But as an adult reading it I was taken in by the love story. The Twilight Moms say it gives you a spark of romance and I really do agree with that. It's been sometime since i read something that made me sigh out loud and giggle out loud when I read it. Heck to be honest the only book I've ever read that did that to me was a book called The Cat that went to Paris. (Very good read by the way)

Twilight gives you the romance you want out of life. It renews your faith in romance. The fact that someone could love you so much that they'd give their life for you is a very strong thing to women. Especially in this day and age of men who don't know what they want anymore. I swear most of the men I date are 12 year old boys trapped in 30 to 40 year old bodies. No one can commit because they are too afraid to let someone in. Everyone holds you at arms distance and no one wants to admit they like you because if they did that may show a weakness.

But as I read Twilight, Edward was the most wonderful man. He loved Bella with all his heart (or all he could since he's a vampire and he has no real heart, lol). Come on ladies deep down inside everyone wants a man like that. One that will pick you up when you fall, one that will love you unconditionally, one that be by your side good or bad, one that will give you that kiss that not only stops time but fills you with every emotion you can imagine! Yeah it's a romance book...and I'll read it over and over again because I know that there is a wonderful romance out there for me! I've not given up yet....he just needs to find me!

So as for you Twilight Moms.....ENJOY! And don't worry what people think, Twilight is for all ages!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello humans!

Omg...Mama is over the moon right now. She is down a pound. You would of thought that someone won the damn loto! Not much going on right now in the land of cats! It's been pretty quite. On Monday i watched the big snow flakes come out of the sky and i sure was glad at the moment that I'm a house cat! Our next door neighbor came home finally and I sure did give him the eye the other day. I thought maybe he'd just left, at least it's something else for me to monitor! My job is never done! Right now I'm pretty upset with Mama cuz I'm super hungry and she is waisting time online! I keep meowing and she just keeps on chatting and playing on facebook! I see she has a big piece of chicken out....I guess we're gonna have some white meat tonight! Yeah! I love a good piece of chicken! I see Mama also has her book out on the sofa so we'll be snuggling in for sure! Yippee!! I also have to say I'm waiting for Mama to start crocheting again she got it out the other night and i got to play for some time with the yarn! It's one of my favorite things to do, but Mama gets her panties in a bunch just because I like to put the yarn in my mouth....Big whoop! Well I think it's about supper time, I gotta go oversee things in the kitchen!

Later humans!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Attention humans.......Mama went to a craft show yesterday and she got me a toy! It's called a catnip squid and joy of all joys I love it! It's super soft and it flies through the air like nobodies business! I love to grab it in my paws and kick it with all my might! And last night i was throwing it all over and rubbing on it! It is a fun toy! Mama did super good!

She says she got all kinds of ideas yesterday for Christmas so she's feeling way better about her Christmas gifts! Hello homemade! Ha ha!

I got to see Grandma yesterday it was nice to see her....I don't get to see her very often because in my added age I get car sick. And it makes Mama concerned. She says it's too hard on me to travel. But it's ok, because I love my home! There is always something going on! Sure I miss the country sometimes, but I've really become a city cat!

Mama is headed out with Shianne today, big shopping trip for the ladies. I'll be nestled up napping and then when Mama gets home it's on! Cuddle time! That is what fall is all about humans! Cuddle time!!

Take it easy! Nap like a cat!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Morning humans!

Oh my what a week this has been. Mama has been working late the past few nights. And since the time change sometimes she doesn't get home till the sun is gone! She has been tired as all get out when she gets home but last night we curled up and had quality time while we watched Monk and ate ice cream!

Mama has also been on a cleaning kick! The other night she totally went crazy on the bathroom and everything smelled like bleach! She says it's the smell of clean but I say it burn my nose! I try to stay clear of the bathroom on bleach day! Lol!

Grandma is coming to town today! I've not seen Grandma in ages!!! She always gives me great amounts of Grandma love when she comes over and she always tells me how pretty I am and dotes on me :) Hey I maybe a cat but I'm also a girl and it's nice to hear those things! Mama says I gotta get all brushed up and pretty cuz Grandma's friend Jan will be here too! I hear the ladies will be going to lunch and a craft show and maybe some shopping. I wonder if anything fun will be gifted to me? Hummmm.....

Well humans I need to go for now Mama is barking at me that it's brushing time!

Keep your tails up!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello humans!

It's me! Scarlett the most wonderful cat on the planet! Well, lots of things have been going on here! Well if you count Mama buying new books and all that jazz! Mama went to the store today and got me new litter, so that is my big surprise today! Blahhhhh! Oh well Mama works hard for the money! I'll admit I like it when Mama brings home books, that is our quite time together! Or our snuggle time, whatever you'd like to call it! It's getting a bit cooler out and I like to snuggle up to Mama! Sometimes I like to lay on the books, I feel it lets me get my scent on them and then they are really like my books. It's a funny way to look at it but it works.

Cousin Shianne came over on Sunday and she and Mama and I watched an old Marilyn Monroe movie called How to Marry a Millionaire. Mama and I feel we need to school Shianne on the art of old movies! Lol! And she really seemed to like it. Who wouldn't like Marilyn Monroe? I have to agree with Mama she is the most beautiful woman of all time, paws down! Although I'll admit, my Mama is pretty cute! And lets not forget about me! I maybe a feline but I'm damn cute!

Mama was sick for a bit and now she's feeling better, I didn't have to do much this time around because she was at Grandma and Grandpa's when she felt sick. Normally I do my best to be the best four legged nurse there is. But Lizzy the dog (a.k.a. Mama's Sister) took good care of her this time around. Sometimes even us four legged nurses need time off! But I'm happy Mama is on the up and up! Well all I have to go and patrol the front room! Take care of yourselves!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hello all! Well lets see here shall we....lets get caught up on stuff. For the past couple of days I've had a sore throat. So this morning i wake up at my parents and my throat felt like crap! So we went into the clinic in town and they did a strep test. Negative, thank god!! but the doctor at least gave me some pills and hopefully we have nipped this in the butt before it got too far! If I would of waited it could of been full blown strep and I'd of had to of taken off work, and this just isn't a good time to do that! So I'll have a couple of days to fight it off!

Here is the amazing news.....they weighed me and I'm down 14 pounds! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! That is WONDERFUL!! I had no clue! Only 6 more and I'll be at 20 pounds! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just gotta do it! I'm gonna keep plugging away! My cousin and I were talking the other day about positive energy....Lolo, I got positive energy coming out of my ears right now!! And I'm so keeping it up! Thanks for listening to me and not judging ;) Now I just need to get over this virus. Grrrrrr!

Monday, November 2, 2009


YIPPEE!!!!! Even though today I'm on the bloat....I fit into my jeans!! Not as lovely with the muffin top that I'd like but I'm super on my way! They at least go on and zip with no worries!! I just need to get rid of the muffin top!! Grrrr!

Bowling tonight....I hope i do good like last time, I hit 101 last time which is great for me! Esp. since I'm not an avid bowler. But little by little I'll get better!

I'm begging Miss Scarlett to please make me some dinner, but she is all like, sorry Mama, I ain't tall enough to get to the counter and make your sandwich! Lol! Well all.....let's get crackin!


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Happy November humans!

Mama is up and at em! And she has flipped the calenders and turned back the clocks....well in all fairness Mama turned back the clocks last night when we went to sleep. Yesterday was a nice lazy day here in the house. Mama was doing her job for the Nielson Ratings and watching T.V. and me, well lets just say i was taking advantage by snuggling up all afternoon! Mama kept watching that stupid scary movie Halloween. Yeah there is something about humans wanting to get all freaked out for no apparent reason! Mama also made this super yummy smelling lasagna. But instead of using lasagna noodles you use ravioli. It smelled sooooo good!

Last night Auntie Joanna came over and Mama and she watched the game for a bit and then they went off with Auntie Tabatha and hit the haunted tours. When they got back Mama and Auntie Joanna had been to Sonic and had milk shakes and cheddar bites! And they didn't share! Grrrrrr! I wanted some of that deep fat fried goodness but Nooooooo! I'm just a cat! Blahhhh.

My feeding schedule is off right now due to the time change, I'm pretty hungry right now and Mama was in the kitchen a bit ago and she walked right past my dish without even looking at it! What's that all about?? I'm voicing my opinion RIGHT NOW! She'll listen! I've heard that today we are going to read....Mama started a new book and it's a good day to sit in the sun and read, me personally I'll be sitting in the sun and giving myself a bath.....nothing like it humans!

Happy Fall!