Sunday, February 21, 2010


Snowy greetings humans!

I'm as happy as a six month old kitten right now! Mama has opened the shades in the bedroom today to let me view the snow falling outside. I'm up so high! This beats my perch in the living room! Mama very rarely opens the shades in the bedroom for me because people walk dogs behind the apartment and they can see right in the window, I can understand Mama likes her privacy. But this is a super treat for me because now I'm watching the trees for birds and I'm swatting at snow that comes near the window! Yippee!!!!!

Other than that it's been a pretty relaxing weekend here. Mama went and got me some food yesterday so I'm happy I can strap on the old food bag, lol. And Auntie Joanna came over yesterday and we all played Scrabble Slam. Well I helped! They had the cards laid out and of course I had to walk on the cards and stand just so they couldn't play a single card. I am an attention whore sometimes and who could blame me? I'm adorable! Well humans I need to get on with my day. I've heard a rumor that I'm getting brushed later....awww I love the feel of the brush on my fur!

Drive safe humans!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello all! Well this has been quite a week.....I'm super ready to relax today! I have been out every night this week. Bowling, parties, and a date ;) Well a second date to be exact! And it was a real second date. The kind where you actually go out and have a nice dinner. It's been a very long time since I've had that in my life! Since Jr. to be exact.

His name is Justin and he makes me smile so big and laugh so much! He's a normal man with a normal job and he's bald and I love it! I've got a thing for bald guys, it's super cute to me. And yesterday he sky rocketed to a new level.....he sent me a beautiful flower at work. He knew I was having a bad day and he sent me this beautiful Gerber daisy in this beautiful hot pink vase. and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! No man has ever done that for me. No man has ever cared enough to send me something like that. This one is a keeper! And the girls at work totally agree! LOL.

I talked to him when I got home from work and thanked him lots and lots! And I told him how sweet it was that he did that and it was a first for me and he said it probably won't be the last of the firsts. AWWWWWWWWWW.

Other than that....I've been reading and finished book 2 and started book 3 of the Vegas Vampire Series, good reading!! I've had such a busy week that I was in bed on a Friday night before 10....reading yes...and out by 10, lol.

Miss Scarlett doesn't know it yet but today will be cleaning day. I told my cousin Lorrie who sells aprons online that Scarlett needs one kitty sized. I wonder if she can make one kitty sized? Scarlett isn't a big wardrobe kind of cat but I try really hard to put cute hats on her and all. I know I'm an evil MaMa! Ha ha!

Well I need to get my day started here soon.....wish me luck I'm thinking about working out....We'll see what wins out book or workout! Lol!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hello all! It's been a while since I've blogged but life gets to moving so fast and you just don't have lots of time some days. Or you just don't get motivated! Lol. I've been reading a bunch lately and it's really makes me happy to get lost in a book. I've started reading this new series called the Vegas Vampire series by Erin Mccarthy. Oh my it's such a funny book at times. Sure you have the standard hot Vampire action but there are also moments in the books where I just laugh and laugh. Miss Scarlett loves the down time let me tell you! She tends to snuggle in and wrap her little cat arms around me and nap while I read. It's really very relaxing.

Let me tell you about last night.....Well perhaps I should start by saying I've found some new books....yes...Vampire Romances, lol. But they are by two different authors and I found a couple of other books by Allie MacKay that are non Vampire but called paranormal romance or also called time travel by my mom. Well the books I've found are books two - three of different things....but you can never find book one anywhere! Do you feel my pain? So I took it online in the quest to find book one of everything I have in my book arsenal. Lol! Normally I go to Barnes and Noble online but my cousin Shianne had had really good luck on Borders looking for all the books she'd been missing out of her book arsenal! So last night I decided to go on and see if my books were on there or not.

Eureka! I found them all! All four of them! I was so excited and I got to take advantage of the free shipping also! Then....DUN, DUN, DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just as I was ready to check out it took me to this new page and told me to sing in....Thought I already had....Guess not! So I proceeded to try and sing in....four times :( It finally popped up with an 800 # and I had to call because I didn't know if there was an order out there in cyberspace floating know the black hole where socks go from the dryer, pen caps disappear to and faxes go to die. Lol!

The guy that came on to help me bless his heart was named Patrick and he really helped me along the ordering process. He was trying to help and I said how about this....I'll click back to where it ended up messing up and we'll go from there. He agreed that would be a good idea. So I clicked and clicked and clicked. Finally he was like "did you get there?" And i replied, "Honey, i clicked on a lot of pages" and he just laughed. He had my order in front of him and I ended up just ordering through him, but then he had to read off my selections.....Wicked Nights - Nina Bangs.....Highlander in her Bed and Highlander in her Dreams - Allie MacKay (with those he kind of swallowed hard, lol) then he said the last book and this is where he really tried hard not to laugh....Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs - Molly Harper.

I told him it's ok to laugh he's a guy, I told him they have silly names but they are wonderful books and he goes, I'm not judging, lol!! And then he says "that last book really caught me off guard." How fun is that?? Anywhoo....I got my books ordered and I'm pretty happy, now I just have to wait for the mail to come :) And as my cousin Shianne has already told me, she can't wait to borrow them from me! I've created a monster ;) Ha ha! She had just gotten five new books herself! But it's nice to have someone read the same thing you are and then you can discuss :) And I've gotten my best good friend Joanna started on them too! I can't wait till those girls read the Vegas Vampire series!! Lots of fun!

Well it's time for me to start my day all! Have a lovely Valentine's day. Mine will be filled with Vampire love ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hello humans. I've been a pretty busy girl! Mama needed lots of cuddle time this weekend. Well that's what I call it when she is reading, that is my cuddle time. Mama finished her book last night and I'm so proud of her she read it in four days, kitty high five!!

Mama came home the other night and smelled of the farm :( but she informed me she had just been to the KSU rodeo bull riding event. I made sure to smell her real close.....I'm not a fan of cattle smell! I made her take a nice hot shower before bed! Mama also brought home new books so we'll have lots more cuddle time.

Yesterday I spent allot of time on my perch. Mama headed out and did laundry and all that jazz but I kept watch on top of my chair and watched the cars go by. It's really like my t.v. Ha ha! And last night there was a massive boom somewhere upstairs when Mama and I were getting ready for bed. I got puffy tail, which we all know only happens when I'm upset or freaked out! Mama comforted me and we looked out but saw nothing. Very interesting....someone must of shut something hard or fell down. Who knows!

Today it's back to my regular schedule....Nap, perch, nap, lunch, nap :)