Monday, August 31, 2009


Deep breath......deeeep breath!!!! My boyfriend is moving in with me. Lets take into account that i have not lived with anyone in 10 years, but then there is the fact that I'm going to need to clear space for him in my favorite place of all time....the closet! The other day I was talking to my cousin Shianne and i go, "where am i going to put my boyfriend?" We agreed that I'd need to invest in some of those rubber tubs from Target. See i have lots and lots of clothes and some of them yes i can't fit into right now...but I really can't bring myself to get rid of them cuz what happens if i loose ten lbs? Well then i need those clothes!

Besides the fact that i'm just plain scared shitless!! Ear muffs!!! lol! We never really know if these are the best things but i can at least say i'm trying. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?? Well that should be my new motto :) He's unsure of certain things and i'm unsure of certain things, the one thing we both know is we love eachother and we don't want to be without one another. Everything else we'll have to figure out as we go along.

Tonight he claimed I sounded a bit "hostle" and i go lets recap everything that has happened in the last month and then you imagine how it has made me feel and then you think about how you would be reacting.....He was quiet for a bit and then he said and i quote "yeah i'd be mad too."

I've been a roller coaster of emotions for about a month, but the one emotion that has never changed is my love for him. I did fall in love with this man and i'm willing to take a step into the unknown and open myself up to him like i've never done before. He'll get a key and he'll have to figure out how to stay on Miss Scarlett's good side! lol! Although she has no major issues with Jr. since he tends to feed her things even when i say No!! One bite of chicken is ok, four bites of chicken not ok! Spicey food....not ok!! There is a list that she can have, cottage cheese is her favorite! chicken, tuna, shrimp, popcorn, a bite of a french fry. Now don't get me wrong she doesn't get a ton of stuff but she gets a bite here or there. And he has to realize that just cuz she is cute and begging (yes cats beg) that he can't feed her everything.

Btw....cats begging go like this......sit on the sofa looking at you longingly, sneak ever so slowly to one side as if to say i'm just sniffing things Mama. One of my favorite things is when Scarlett puts a paw on your arm just as you are taking a bite, or if sitting with a T.V. tray and she puts two paws up on the table and slowly lifts her head so you see ears first and then her nose. Yes she can be tricky and Jr. has to learn that even though this is cute, it's a ploy to get what she wants....FOOD!

Who can blame the little girl? She's like her Mama, she likes her food! Well it's time to call it a night....Wish me luck on my new adventure into roomate land.


I've been having crazy dreams lately....most of them very vivid too. One of them was so real that i thought when I woke up that Jr. was laying right next to me I swore he was here with me. It was like I could feel his body heat next to me....I think it just turned out to be Miss Scarlett laying next to me though....she puts out so much heat! Ha ha! Last night was not a night off from my dreams....I had a dream that I was in a house where half of it was over water and there was a shark that was killing people by coming up through the floor and then in the second half of the house which was considered a "babysitter house" you can guess what was going on in that half of the house. (shiver). Then i woke up thank God! But when i fell asleep....i had a new dream one of my ex asshole, yup....Glenn is now haunting me in my dreams! In my dream he was a fire inspector in J.C. and he was inspecting some building I was in and i kept trying to hide so he wouldn't see me. And i kept thinking to myself....he should be taller. WTF is that all about?? I have not thought of him in years!!!! Now he's showing up in my dreams? Yikes!!

It sucks to not be able to make any sense of your dreams you know??

Sunday, August 30, 2009


So this is my first day as a blogger!

It's been a nice relaxing Sunday. Miss Scarlett has had her mid day nap and is up and keeping an eye on the upstairs dog. Yes the dog has went for it's walk this afternoon and Miss Scarlett made sure to keep an eye on her. I on the other hand have been a bit more productive by cleaning the house and got stuff thrown together in the crock pot for dinner. Miss Scarlett is a wonderful help in the kitchen. She loves to cook herself, well actually she likes to run in and sit next to her dish thinking that some tasty bit of food may just fall somewhere on the floor! lol!! She loves to be a help!

One of the things I've been doing today is reading....I've not had much time lately to catch up on my book. Yes....I'm admitting that I've fallen a victim of the twilight series! I'm on book 4 called Breaking Dawn and as I've been told by my friends who have read it before me i need to speed up the reading process, ha ha! My baby cousin whom i like to call "Speed Reader Miller" has lapped me twice while reading this book! lol! Miss Scarlett loves to read too! well, she likes to "help read". And by doing that she likes to lay on the book as i try to read. Sometimes it's not just laying on the book, sometimes it's walking on the book, or she'll get a good pace going on, or her personal favorite....laying right next to the book and resting her head on the page I'm needing to turn, which God forbid i need to turn said page i get the most annoyed look! Any cat owner will know just what look that is! Ha ha! Well I've not got that much farther left in the book, but i had to take a time out and get up and around!

Another activity that Miss Scarlett loves to do is aerobics. Now her idea of aerobics is much different than mine. My idea is getting up and moving around at top speeds and jumping and all that jazz till you work up quite a dew! lol! Miss Scarlett is more of a kick the crap out of a toy kind of cat. She'll run around it a bit and throw it in the air and pounce. But once I start working out then it's game on for her! My new obsession for working out is belly dance. I've done this type of workout before and loved it, and not that long ago i found some new belly dance dvd's when my boyfriend and i went to Hastings. Now when i picked these dvd's up he gave me a bit of an eye roll and i said you'll see! you'll see how i can tone up just by using these workouts! Which was followed by he saying "you look great like you are". Awww sweet i know right? well that isn't what a woman wants to hear and then come home and snuggle up and have him touch my fat rolls! lol!

According to my boyfriend as he was watching one of the dvd's with me (i like to watch them first so i don't feel like a total tard when i start) he thought it was just porn, lol!! He was watching the dance moves and listening to the odd music and goes....looks like porn to me. Only a man right ladies? I'll admit at first i was like belly dancing?? But yes trust me it works muscles you never knew you had! It'll take time but I'm going to overcome!

Now anyone with a pet knows that when it comes to a workout that they are "helpy helpers" and Miss Scarlett is always wanting to be near me and help me. She got a bit close one day and learned that if Mama is kickboxing she needs to be a nice distance away! I'll admit, kickboxing is not Miss Scarlett's favorite kind of workout! But with belly dancing she pretty much sits in front of the TV on the floor and watches me like I'm in a tennis match, ha ha! Out of all the workouts i have bought though i have to say Yoga is Miss Scarlett's favorite! She loves to try and knock me off balance during the warrior position or the chair position. But her favorite position of all is downward facing dog. She likes to walk right under you and sit down and meet eye to eye, as if to say...what kind of crazy position is this Mama?

I guess you could call me the workout dvd queen! I've bought many and I'm sure that I'll buy more. I've been told i need to settle it down....but i get bored quite quickly of different workouts and i like to spice it up! That is what life needs right a little bit of spice? Well if you'll excuse me it's about time to spice up the afternoon! Belly dancing anyone??


Let me start by saying hello! my name is Melanie and i'm just your average thirtysomething, living in a college town in the midwest and trying to keep my head above water! I've been inspired by a movie i saw to start writing a blog. I'm not sure who will be reading but i know my family will be! LOL!

I've always thought i was born at the wrong time in history, I'm more of a old fashioned type of gal. i believe in god and i have a love for my family. I'm a 9-5 kind of person and i love to spend my quite time with my lovely 6-7 year old cat. Her name is Miss Scarlett. She is one of the loves of my life! She is a wonderful companion and she keeps me guessing from day to day! Right now she is laying in the front window and watching the trafic go by. I call this her Kitty TV.

Lets for me, i'm 33 never married and i have no kids. Some may think that to be odd, but in this day and age i think it's more accepted. I've noticed more and more that there are more 35 year old women having children that there used to be. My mom has told me that it's because by 35 you have settled down a bit more and got all the crazy stuff out of your system. I have to agree with my mom :)

I am embarking on a new adventure in my life here and I thought why not give this a try and see where it lands me. What is the saying? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Well lets start the adventure shall we?