Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ok, so for those of you who know me well you know how I can get about cleaning and about dishes in particular! Well anal clean Melanie has met her boyfriend and his son and his brother! Lol! Three men living together....need I say more? I let it go as long as I could but last night I tackled the dishes!! And oh how I felt better! I've been eyeing a pan over there that has sat on the stove for way too long and last night my inner anal clean freak won! Lol!! Justin has told me before that he's not going to let me clean is house, but damn, I'm just gonna do it! I understand that with a child it's hard sometimes and he's busy with work and he's been very tired lately, so I just did it on my own! And I told him last night that I'm just going to do dishes twice a week! And I hear from the living room his brother go...."I don't have a problem with that!" I told Justin he has gained a girlfriend and his brother has gained a maid! Ha ha!

Dishes are a bit of a pet peeve for me. They gotta be done! When I sat down last night with the guys to watch a movie I had accomplished just that! All dishes in the house were done! Koby at one point goes "Melanie, you can leave those dishes for dad to do later, you can come play a game with me now" insert cute five year old smile here. And I told him, "well we can play in a little bit, I'm going to do dishes now so dad can enjoy his day tomorrow." It's little things like that that I think are important. I wanted to help and I did. It may of been just dishes but I made Justin's day a bit better just by doing that simple thing.

I'm not as bad as Monk, but I do like my dishes clean and put away. Or at least clean and in the rack! Lol, that's where most of mine are!

Another thing that surprised me, I took over the movie All About Steve (one of my favorites) and we watched it and the guys really seemed to like it! They actually laughed! So score one for the lady! Well I guess I should get my butt in gear! I've got some dish cloths to make for a wedding present!

Take care my darlings :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So much has been happening in my little world. Walking is taking over and bowling is almost over. I've finished another book series, that makes the third book series I've finished and that makes me pretty happy! Since reading and me have our times, lol. I've got to say the Erin McCarthy books were a super fun read! Lots of laughing and cold showers were had! Ha ha! The new series I've started is called the Nice Girls books, so far they are a fun read, I've just had no time to read. Either I'm out and about or staying up too late or sleeping! Lol!! Soon it will be pool weather and I love to read while at the pool!

Scarlett is doing just fine! The other day she got a bit too close to the outside for my taste. She got a yelling and a foot to the nose! And she knew she had done wrong! No worries people, she and I made up real quick and she is laying in the sunlight as we speak watching the squirrels outside!

I trust everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!! I had a good time catching up with family and spending time with my parents and a wonderful corgi "Sister". It's starting to be flea and tick season, so make sure to put medicine on you're four footers! Lizzy can't sleep with me now till fall. I heard her walking around last night on the hard wood floors in my bedroom and I heard her go down the stairs to my dad. Ticks do NOT belong in my bed! No matter how much I love that little dog!

Well I need to be getting on with my day! Have a lovely day and enjoy the rest of it!