Monday, December 28, 2009


Oh my what a whirl wind it was yesterday! I got to come home to my baby girl Miss Scarlett....but it was quite a trip to do so! I love my car but it just hates hills in the winter! Thanks to my Dad, Uncle Lester, cousin Tim, and the neighbor John I was able to get up the hill and on my way. Thank God for tractors! I got part way up the hill (that had drifted shut repeatly) and my car was like Hell to the NO! So dad had a chain and Tim rigged it up to the tractor and they pulled me up the rest of the way. Then Tim told me to keep the speed up and not slow down. And I did just that as I went down the county road to get to the highway that was drifted shut! I just kept looking straight forward and trucking on! I busted through some drifts that if i would of slowed down I'm pretty sure I'd of gotten stuck in. My Dad followed me through to the second highway that was open and cleaned off really well :)

He told me he couldn't believe I didn't stop and say goodbye to him and I told him I waved in the back window and I was off to the races, I just wanted to get back to my cat and get home safely! And with all the snow and blowing you never know what is waiting for you an hour down the road. I'll admit it I was pretty freaked out on the drive from the county road till I got to the main highway. And I pretty much just looked straight forward because some of those drifts were pretty far up the side of my crusier!

I couldn't of made it home with out these wonderful men in my life. Hummm I wonder will I ever find a wonderful man like these in my life? Well he'll have some big shoes to fill!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Yup we had a blizzard....I do believe this is the first one I've ever been in and it's really not something that i want to go through again! Thank goodness it's not too cold out but the wind really needs to stop blowing! I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to get on the road. I'm not lucky like other people, I don't have a man that will drive me all the way home. I just pray I'll be able to get going on the country road and be able to make it to the highway. That is what my prayer is for. I just want to make it back home tomorrow....and I'd like to have my friends and family that are traveling make it home safely too!

Be safe all

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wow I'm so happy I hit the road yesterday and made it to my destination! I'm with my parents and I'm happy for that. The weather sure has hit today and the wind is blowing so hard and the snow is flying! They have us in a blizzard watch till tomorrow, at least it's Christmas and no one has to be anywhere in particular at any certain time. I've started a new book I've been baking today and I made mom and dad a nice dinner. Sister is curled up in dad's lap watching T.V. and mom is flipping channels. Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I'm sure that I won't leave the house at all! Lol!

I hope everyone got to where they needed to be safely and that all travels this holiday season go smooth and safe!

Big hugs to everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Holiday Helper? Why yes humans I am a holiday helper! Mama was wrapping more gifts the other night and I was such a good helper!! She had all this stuff out and I was having a ball! A ball I tell ya!! She had some pretty red tissue paper out to stuff in some bags.....well let's just say i got a stern yell when I very innocently swooped down and put it in my mouth! Ahhhhh the crunch of tissue paper! Isn't Christmas the most wonderful time of the year???? Needless to say Mama was not so happy with me doing this and I really got yelled at. But did it derail me....NO! As she got more bags put together I felt I should inspect them. As only a four footer can! So i very innocently would stick my head into each bag....I'm kind of like the "tissue paper inspector", well I kind of knocked one over in my joy and was attacking it (it was one of Grandpa's) and Mama had a COW! Right there in the living room she told me she'd beat me with a gift! Lol!! As is she could catch me in stealth mode! HA HA HA HA! Anywhoo....I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Bright smiles humans!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Poop! I went out to start the car today and it wouldn't start because it was too cold out! So my wonderful friend Joanna came and helped me. We went to Target bought jumper cables (there was only one box left after i left) and got my dad on the phone and he talked us through it! Thank God it's good to go! I called my boss at a quarter till 8 today to let her know I'd come in after i got it started, then i called back and said if it was ok I'd be in at noon because of needing to locate cables and get it started and all that jazz. And I have more than enough vacation time to take off. I feel bad in a way to take it off but then it's like hey! It's your time and you still have six days left and if you don't take them you loose them. So duh.....use the damn time!

I was a good girl and drove all over town for a bit this am and when I got home I shut it off and started it again just to see and it started right up. Now I'm sure there is more than enough for me to do at work and I'll have to make up for it.....but I really should just enjoy this time I have. In fact I'm about ready to go in and make some yummy soup!

God don't ya just love winter?

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hello humans! Burrrrr! Oh my it's been cold hasn't it? I'm so happy I'm an indoor cat and that my Mama takes good care of me during times like this! I've seen Mama coming in and out of the house with watery eyes and red cheeks from cleaning off the car and all that jazz!

Mama has had a long weekend and I'm not gonna lie about it I've loved spending the time with her! Mama has been in and out all weekend. She's been out with her friends a lot! Yesterday Mama was actually home and she was all curled up on the sofa with me and a book. Last night Mama and I watched Holiday Inn and Mama was very affected by it. She says that Fred Astair was an idiot because he kept taking his best friends girl. But in the end.....the girl was smart and went with Bing Crosby. I agree with Mama, Bing was much better looking!

Today Mama went shopping with cousin Shianne and they came home with all kinds of bags! Mama got some new boots and some new fur lined shoes (it's fake fur but it feels wonderful to rub my face against). Mama says she needs her paws to be warm, I can see the point she's making. She even went by the rule that Grandma has about if you buy a pair of shoes you throw one out. So out the door went two old pairs of shoes (that if you ask this cat had seen better days). Good Mama!! Good girl!

Well humans I need to go and inspect a few things Mama has been cleaning this afternoon and I need to make sure she's done a good job!

Tails up! Booties on! Stay warm!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hello all! My what a winter land we live in here lately huh? I'm really starting to wonder just how lovely it would be to be a well taken care of house cat. Never having to leave when it's 2 degrees outside, never having to clean snow off the car and never having to dig out anything but litter! Lol!

Winter is not my favorite time of the year but Christmas makes up for it I guess, ha ha! Yesterday I was a good girl and got all my Christmas shopping done. Now it is just wrapping, blah! But from a previous post you all can tell the Scarlett loves that part! She is in the living room even now as I type here and she is curled up on the sofa on a big soft blanket napping. Oh what a life huh?

I am in the middle of a nice three day weekend and I'm enjoying it to the fullest. I've been out and about, I've been able to read all day and I've gotten out to get some fresh air and do laundry, yeah it never ends with the fun! Ha ha! And now I'm ready to start the book Definitely Dead. me when I say I'm really looking forward to it!

Night all!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Ok, so I weighed myself today and I'm down 2 more pounds!! Yippee!!!!!! I was happy i maintained during the holiday but now that I'm down a bit more I've hit 11 pounds! Whoop!

Today just to try them on and see how they looked I put on my size 16 dress pants, yup they fit!! YEAH!!!!!!! They maybe a bit snug by the end of the day but they fit and I'm wearing them and I'm super happy!! I still have more to go but I'm so happy that they fit!!!!!!!! Lets all do a happy dance! I'm super happy I've lost weight before Christmas! My friend Jane who is also doing this says she is stoked because she is loosing too!!!!!! She told me today she never ever thought she'd be able to loose weight and now look at her! She's dropping pounds and inches too!

Yeah for us! Watch out kids I'm gonna be a skinny bitch again some day! Lol!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Oh my so I've really been reading alot lately as you can probably tell from my past blogs. right now I'm in the middle of reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. And I really have to say they are a fun exciting read. If you like Vampires, Werewolves, and all that jazz. But since I've read Twilight and LOVED it I guess I'm good with the odd ball books!

By reading these Charlane Harris books I have to say alot goes on in small town America. It makes you go, hummmm. Now what I'm really looking forward to is seeing the series True Blood, it's based on these books I'm reading now. I've been informed by a friend who watched the series before she read the books that it's Awesome! I hope so, part of me wants so badly to watch it and part of me is like please don't let me down. Because the visions I have in my head are so neat!

I really have to say I was super impressed with New Moon when we went to see it, it was exactly as i pictured it in my head! They really captured the book! And it's funny because New Moon was NOT my favorite book of the series. Book 1 and 3 were my favorites!! And my friend and i were talking last night and I told her isn't it funny how i disliked book 2 so much and yet I loved the movie! Guess it's cuz while reading the book i couldn't see Edward! And on screen, well....yeah you get the picture! I've been informed by my cousin Shane that I'm gay for liking New Moon and going to it, but in the same breath he said he can't wait to see Avitar.....Who's gay? Yeah that's what i thought too!

Well all, I'm off for the evening! Time to crack open my book and enjoy the times in Bon Temps!


Friday, December 4, 2009


Oh joy of joys! Guess what happened last night....You'll never guess I'll have to tell you humans! Mama got out all the stuff to wrap gifts with and I of course being the sweet kitty I am got to help! Well play is more like it! Mama had everything laid out on the floor and I was doing my best to help her wrap things.

First off I got ahold of the wrapping paper and I began to push it around the floor by getting my nose in the middle of the paper....did you know the spool it comes on fits perfectly around my nose? Well Mama told me to stop it because she said I could get my nose stuck inside it...I don't think so Mama! Then she had a pen on the floor that she was using, well.....I got ahold of it and I got it in my paws and I just started kicking the crap out of it! Mama heard me trying to bite at it and she took it away and said I'd hurt my teeth, I'm a strong gal! Lol. Then she had a bag of bows out and I got my paws in there and I got one stuck on my paw....that I didn't like so much but it's really more about what i can use as a toy! Oh and then, lol, as Mama was wrapping this one gift I decided to stick my whole head into the other side that was left open and i was trying to have her wrap me up too! Yeah I'm silly like that!

I love Christmas wrapping time! There is always soooo much to play with!

Have a grand weekend humans!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok so I weighed myself today (had to do it to see what I did over the holiday) and I maintained!! Whoop!! And let me tell you I didn't deny myself a thing over Thanksgiving! I enjoyed every piece of pie I put in my mouth! Lol!! But it says something to be able to maintain your weight over Thanksgiving and a trip to the casino buffet and to still weigh the same I did two weeks ago! That is a lot to say for one's body! I'll know the official weight loss when I go to the dr. in two weeks and we'll see just how well I've really done, but as for now I'm just happy I'm fitting into the clothes from last winter and they were kind of on the way to tight last year....Yippee for me!!