Saturday, March 27, 2010


Happy Saturday humans! So it is a wet one out there today. Mama has been to mail out bills and off to the store today. She is getting lil smokies ready as we speak for the game. It's been March Madness all over the place here. Ever since KSU got in to the playoffs! Mama and Justin have been watching lots of basketball and that means I have too. I mostly nap during it unless it's too stressful for Mama. Like the other night when it went into two overtimes....Mama couldn't even stay in the room with me she kept going off in the kitchen or bathroom because she said she just couldn't watch with how close it was. Then after the game when they won we were in the bedroom getting ready to snuggle in for the night and we could hear people chanting and yelling and there were fireworks going off and all. What a crazy night! Mama says it's the first time in 22 years that KSU has advanced like this. Wow!

Now let me tell you about a little boy I've met this week. His name is Koby and he is Justin's son. He is a nice kid, esp. when he drops his food on the floor! I really liked that part of our first meeting. He kept to himself, but I sure did check him out....from afar at first and then I got up the courage to go and sniff him. He smells of child, which isn't something I'm really used to, but he didn't chase me or pull my fur so I'm ok with him! And I have to say I love to see the smile that Mama gets when she's around Justin. And he is good to me too! He likes to talk to me and ask me how I'm doing. Awww. I like humans who know I'm in the room!

Well I need to get on my way here, Mama has just painted her nails purple and the smell is awful! Lol!! Keep dry humans!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello all! Oh my time change is a bugger huh? Mama has been beating me up in the morning! I continue to lay about and watch her run around till I'm really ready to get out of bed. Then when she is home for lunch....yeah, I'm still in napping mode! Mama says I'll get used to it again, but for now I'm just gonna sleep!

Mama says it's supposed to snow again this weekend. What nasty weather is that? It's supposed to be the first day of spring and we get snow? Man if I recall there wasn't even snow on the first day of winter this past year! Oh well I guess I'll just snuggle in with Mama, I'm sure there will be reading involved.

Well humans take it easy! I've got to get a bath in. Time to preen.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello humans. Oh my how this four footer has been busy. Mama is so come and go lately! And it's giving me a good nap process! Mama's boyfriend has been over a bit and I have to say I've stamped my paw of approval on him. Justin is a good guy. He's gotten kitty kisses from me and the other night as we sat and watched the game I laid right next to him on the top of the sofa. Yeah I agree with Mama....good guy!

Mama's been out with the girls allot too! Going to Aggieville all in green and heading to the movies and such. She's been a mover and shaker! That's good even Mama's need their time out! We've been reading a bit too. She's been so busy that we haven't even been able to blog!

Spring is on it's way! and I'm getting a bit annoyed by the birds outside the window, just out of my reach! Taunting songs they sing! Mama gets all worked up just cuz I want to talk back to them she's all like "Scarlett! GET OUT OF THE WINDOW!!" I can't help the hour that I want to jump up there, what like she needs her sleep? Oh well humans I wanted to touch base! And now I'm off to beg for breakfast!


Thursday, March 4, 2010


Greetings humans! What a day! The sun is out and I hear the birds singing, oh my Spring is in the air huh? Well Mama has sure been on the busy side of life lately. She has been out walking with Auntie Shianne and she has been spending time with her new man friend.

And yes I have met said man friend and i approve. He came over last week and we all watched a dvd together. He allowed me to sniff him real good and I even gave him a kitty kiss, that is where I nose him right in the face. He really seems to make Mama smile and I think that is a wonderful thing!

Mama has been super tired lately and has been sleeping earlier than normal, I think it's the weather, she is just tired allot. But it's ok when Spring is finally here she'll be back to normal! Yesterday I got locked up in the bedroom due to fire inspections in the complex, I did however voice my opinion on this quite loudly but I still got locked up for the day! Thank God Auntie Shianne came over early and let me out! I gotta have the full scale of my surroundings or I'm an unhappy lady! Well humans I gotta get my breakfast on! Have a lovely day!