Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hello there humans :) It's me Scarlett and I'm sending greetings to you today from the comfort of Mama's big lovely bed. That's right.....I'm in bed! Mama has been trying to get some stuff done today around the house and I've not been much of a helper. She was trying to defur the blanket earlier and I was chasing the sticky wand around! Then Mama thought it'd be funny to use the wand on me! Well I took great offence to that I'll tell ya! Mama thinks that she is going to put new sheets on the bed but I'd like to see her try as I'm laying in the middle of the bed! She'll probably try to lure me away with food.....Yeah that would work! Lol!

We've been pretty busy around here lately. Mama had this new friend come over....Tim....He was ok, but he just didn't mesh well with us ladies. He had too much baggage Mama said. So we are rid of him, lol. Mama has started reading another Sookie Stackhouse book. She sure does love those! In fact last night she stayed in with me and we cuddled up and read and we were in bed by 9:30. I love lazy nights with Mama!!

Also, Mama has been seeing that other cat Charlie behind my back! His Mama and Daddy are out of town so my Mama has been taking care of him. She comes home smelling of him and I find all this black hair on her! Yikes!!!!!! I make sure she changes right away before we cuddle!

I've heard that Auntie Shianne will be here today, sounds as if the girls are headed to the bookstore. Grand! That's all we need more flipping books! Grrrrrrr!

I got to see Grandma last weekend and I gave her some special kitty love! I'm sure Mama's sister Lizzy loved that! I made sure I rubbed my scent on all Grandmas stuff just to tick off that silly puppy! Ha ha! I'm an evil master mind, BAWWWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Holy poop! Here comes Mama with the pink sheets.....Massive eye roll.......Now I have to find somewhere else to lay.

Have a good day humans!! Stay warm!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello humans! I'm back!!! Oh my I've been a lazy girl! Mama has been too, we both seem to be on the same lazy schedule. There has been no sunlight lately and it is gloomy as all get out. Mama has been in reading mode so all we do is snuggle and read. Which if you ask me isn't so bad, I kind of like all the down time :) Not much has been going on in the building either! The guy next door (the one I like to stare at) he's on some weird schedule and I don't get to stare at him like normal!

Mama got some new movies on DVD and we got to watch those and I agree with Mama, Sandra Bullock is awesome! I've been told my Grandma is going to be in town this weekend and she's going to be staying with us, this makes me happy! I've not seen Grandma since this summer! I need my kisses!! I know she's allergic to me (what with itchy eyes and all) but she just needs to wash her hands after hugging me!

Oh yes, and Mama got a new purse last weekend and she made me stare at it. I just don't get it...why is it such a big deal? Staring at a purse that doesn't move. No action baby! That's what i need Action! Oh well, I heard a rumor that we are having chicken tonight....I think I'll help!

Later all!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello all! Well I have to say this weekend has been wonderful in my books! I went out with my good friend Michelle on Friday and we took in some bands at a local bar and had fun with friends. Today I spent the day with my cousin and and my bud Joanna. We took in the movie Leap Year....omg it was so cute! Yeah it made me mist up a bit and Shianne was like....Stop crying now I'm going to cry! And she did. Sympathy crying lol! I told her hell I cry at a coffee commercial so of course I'm going to cry at this movie! Lol!

Then we hit the mall....HELLO new purse! I love it so!! I'm going to fill it full of things here soon! It's what I like to call a "Mom in training purse". It's not as big as a "Mom" purse but it's a half size smaller, lol. Shianne was like "are you even going to be able to fill that thing up?" Give me time my love :)

I've also started a new Sookie Stackhouse book, I'm on book 8!! Omg I swear that they just get better and better, how is that? They are hard to explain esp. with all the characters in them but I do my best to try and explain them to mom. I love the Charlaine Harris books! What on earth did I do before her series? Lol!

Tomorrow is my lazy house day, movies to watch and floors to clean. What a life? Lol!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Greetings humans!

Oh my what a wild holiday season it's been huh? Mama went home last week for Christmas and there was some horrible weather that came in! She made it safely to Grandma and Grandpa's and made it back home to me safely. But it was quite a journey. She had to have cousin Tim pull her up the hill with the tractor!

Grandma and Grandpa got me some litter for Christmas! It was so nice of them to think of me! And Mama gave me the special gift that Darlin and Lizzy gave me too.....I got a Chihuahua! Not a real one....but an ornament! Lol! I now have my very own Chihuahua! Mama says it's a start, ha ha!

Mama has been home for the past few days. She had some vacation time and took an extra day off from work, so we've been hanging out and watching the Bonnie Hunt show in the mornings! Mama has totally thrown me off my schedule lately! I'm not getting my required 15 hours of sleep! But it sure is nice to have her home with me and cuddle and nap together! Oh my Mama bought the HBO series True Blood and we've been watching it. Mama is Vampire obsessed! Lol! As is my Auntie Shianne! The two of them are silly, they watch an episode and call each other! Then last night I caught Mama on the computer watching clips of season 2! I think I need to contact an 800 #! The show between you and me.....very entertaining! Mama says it follows book one, not perfectly but you get the jest of it.

Mama has also been reading her romance books too. We've been doing pretty good at keeping up with those! She had become quite a reader! It's kind of nice though because I like to lay next to Mama when she's reading.....She's a wonderful heat source! Lol! Well humans, I've gotta run for now, I've heard a nasty rumor that a vacuum will be out soon and I need to high tail it out of the way of that beast!

Best New Year to all of you!