Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello humans! Are you staying cool? Mama is all excited because she saw people in the pool today and she is busting to get out there and swim. We've had quite a week here in the house....people are moving out left and right in the complex and I've been keeping my watch on! Moving out, moving in, moving around!

They have come by lately and cleaned the carpets here and for that I had to be locked up in the bathroom all morning! Mama knows I'm not a fan of that, sure she tries to make it easy on me by putting my pillow in there and my water and food, she seems to think all I'm gonna do is nap....wait.....I kind of did, lol!! Then another day i had to be locked up in the bedroom because they were coming to check filters and all that jazz. It's not so bad being locked in the bedroom but I prefer to go in there on my own. Instead of Mama being all sneaky! Lol.

Mama has been so happy lately, I think this "me" time is very good for her. She has been happy and smiling all the time. I'm happy when Mama's happy. We are really ready for summer! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend all!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello to all humans! I'm back on the blog spot! Mama and I have been so busy and I've been a good girl and taking care of Mama as best a four footer can :) Mama has had some kind of light appear around her. It seems to be a happy heart. She has told me of her plans. Those would be the fact that she has taken her life back and she has made some changes.

Now Mama has decided to not date at all.....odd behavior I know but Mama says it's her "me" time and I'm just happy I get to have that "me" time with her. I've been telling her for years to just dump the men and enjoy life and that seems to be just what she's doing. We've been snuggling a lot and reading a bit. Mama got herself some new smelly stuff she likes to put on when she goes out and goes to work, she also got some new finger paints. It always makes her finger tips look funny! And frankly the smell makes my nose turn up! But it really seems to make Mama happy. And I'm all for anything that makes Mama smile. It's been hot out this weekend and Mama finally turned on the A.C. Yippee!

Today I got to have my favorite thing....I got a brushing! I love the feel of the brush on my fur and skin! It's like a nice massage! I'm always a bit miffed when Mama stops but I guess her arm gets tired or something like that. Memorial weekend seems to be coming up and Mama says we are gonna relax and hangout. Yeah! I need lots of snuggle time :)

Other than that I've just been keeping an eye on the complex. People are moving out and in lots of business going on. And I've been watching it all. Sure I keep Mama posted as best I can. Sometimes I wish she spoke Kitty better! Oh well.....I need to go humans....Time for my bath :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


Wow, never thought I'd say it....but this chick is out of the game! I've never been so over dating and men in my life. What's it all for anyway? All you get is a big headache and a massive heartache. Overrated is what I call it! I've got nothing to show for the years of dating except a over priced tooth brush (which I'd never bought on my own and i have to say I love it) and an empty vase that i once got a flower in. After years of dating that's it? That's all I get? What a jip!

Frankly I just don't have the steam in me. Dating is more than ruff it should be illegal! It causes too much pain and suffering. And you have not one thing to show for it but a bunch of walls that get bigger and bigger as you get older. No one wants a 34 year old woman who is on the chunky side of life. I'm too old to have children and too young to be a spinster. So I'm the cat lady. Which is something i don't fear because I'm a wonderful cat Mama.

Justin wants to be friends, ok. Friendship I can deal with. Emotions and feelings....nope I just can't deal with that. I'm becoming a unfeeling bitch. And it's due time! My entire life I've done for others, I've listened to their problems, I've supported them, I've been the friend, I've been the dependable one. I've been the one they tell it all to and then they run off with someone else. Well no more! Now it's all about me and how I feel and what I want! I'm sick of the old....Melanie is nice and all but she's not the one for me.

Melanie is about to take her life back and become the best she's ever been.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yeah so for the masses....I've officially been dumped. Seems to be that I'm too much of a good person. I was dumped because I'm too bubbly and I talk too much. He says we are too different because he's so laid back and mellow. This is another man who has dumped me because I'm too good of a person. He claims he has no feelings for me what so ever. Good to know, esp. since he seemed to be quite interested at the get go. Then three months in.....we aren't a good fit and he doesn't see anything long term happening with us. Good to know esp. since not that long ago he was planning on spending the summer with me. This is his loss and he has no clue what he's given up.

WHY IS IT.....

Why is it that dating is so tuff? Why is it that men don't seem to be interested in a nice girl? Why is it that you have to be so guarded? Why is it that you can't fully open up to someone for fear that they will dump you if you are too you?

These are some of the many things floating through my head. Why does it all have to be so damn complicated? Why can't it just be....I like you, you like me, lets go out? I was never a girl that guys dated in high school and college because I was too fat. Yeah lets face it...guys don't like big girls. then i got out and I was every ones friend, and that sucks even more. Now in my late 20's and 30's I'm finally meeting men that like curvy girls and all I get is the runaround!! I get the you're sooo wonderful but I just can't be with you. What the hell is that??

My boyfriend now....I really like him. But he's guarded, as am I. But most of the time I just don't understand. Why can't we just spend time together? We've talked about all kinds of things, we've been together for about three months. So why do i always feel like I'm doing something wrong? Feeling something wrong? I really like him and I don't want to scare him off so I keep allot of things in. For fear if I told him how much I liked him he'd run off to the hills.

Why can't it just be simple. Since when is it that men don't like a good girl? What is the issue here? I'm not dramatic, I'm low maintenance, I can cook, I'm affectionate, I'm not demanding, I'm fun as hell.

Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend and I have so much fun together. He makes me laugh like I've never laughed before. I guess I just don't understand why he feels he's no good for me. Why is it so hard to just be with me?

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ok, so as we have seen I've been a lazy goose and I've not posted any blogs and neither has Scarlett. She has been so busy keeping an eye on everyone in the building lately and playing hostess that she has had no time at all to blog.

I've been stressed out at work and life was sucking for a few days. But like those big ass thunderstorms last week that has passed and I'm feeling much better emotionally. Scarlett and I have started working out again, not as much as we should but hey every little bit counts right? She and I have also started reading a new book in the Nice Girls series. So that has kept us busy at night too!

On Thursday, Scarlett was busy keeping tabs on the guy that lived next door (he's moved out) and she was sitting in the screen door with her eyes peeled on him at all times! And she would look every direction he'd go. I'm not sure if in her mind it was like "look Mama! It's an action movie!" or what but it sure was funny to watch her expressions with every load he took by the front door! She also had a bit of a heart attack last week when the ambulance went by our complex with it's lights and sirens going....she got so freaked out that she hid behind me and popped her head out from behind my legs with her Mr. Ferley eyes going wild!

Last week my parents came down and took me out for a nice birthday dinner and mom and dad bought me a new house plant. I sure do like having something green in the house. It adds some nice character to a room! I've named her Betsy and I think Scarlett would love to nip at the leaves but I've got it out of sight out of mind....I hope :)

Other than that things have been pretty good. I am going to a rock concert this week and I'll be busy as all get out at work. Thank god people still need medical help! It's one of the few places to work where there are actual jobs! Well people I hope you have enjoyed the beginning of May as much as I have! Let's have a wonderful spring!!