Sunday, December 5, 2010


Why is it necessary? Oh yeah so one can feel complete and have a husband and family. Gee I wonder if that will ever happen for me. Any more dating seems so ruff. It's not a sport for the faint of heart. In fact I've really not done it for a while.

It seems like the older I get the harder it is to find a good man. Are there really any out there? I hate to say I'm about to give up hope but damn!! Seriously!! And if I do by chance end up with a good one I'm totally freaked the hell out that I'll screw up something! I hate to admit it but I've come to the point in my life where I'd like to actually settle down and have that wonderful life. But that plan isn't really happening....AT ALL, lol. See in order to have that you have to be with someone you can trust and someone that will love you back.

I have recently met a nice guy that for the first time in a VERY long time I was excited and nervous to meet. Which can only mean bad news for my heart. I have a wonderful girlfriend who has told me to be positive. And I'm trying that. I like to say things like he'll call. When he gets the chance. And I think it was super sweet of him to show up and spend time with me on a day that he was having a really bad day. And for a couple of hours I like to think I made him smile. But that's what I do I'm Suzie Sunshine! Lol.

Frankly I'm terrified in general with any man anymore for fear of being hurt so badly again. I wish I could say that it gets easier through time but really all it does is burn you deeper till you can't recall what love ever was. Romance is nonexistent. Love....yeah I've felt it before. My girlfriend (who I like to call the wise one, lol) has said that I need to feel sexy to be sexy and that men will feed off that. I agree with her but I've pretty much felt like a total looser the past few months. Especially when one of my ex-boyfriends dumped me cuz i was "too good of a person". How on earth is that possible?

The only good thing I have to say about this year is that thank God I only had one boyfriend smash my heart up this year. Since when did relationship become a four letter word? I know that there has to be one guy out there that is worthy and sweet and treats me just as well as i treat him. I deserve someone great. I do dammit! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010



Let me start this by saying...Thanks to the powers that be by the mighty facebook I've found one of my ex boyfriends....yeah and I'm pretty much disgusted! His wife and I share a common it a radio station but all the same that is how I saw his asshole face pop up on my screen! You all know me....of course I'm gonna dig! And I saw that they were married in Jan. of 09. That means that Ken the Asshole was married ten days after he dumped me! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????? I am at a total loss for words. Had I known I was up against that I'd never of waisted tears on that ASSHOLE! This totally breaks all the hope I've ever had in finding true love. It just isn't out there is it?

Another guy I went out with on one real date and then we hung out one other time tried to pressure me into having sex with him. When I told him that I didn't think that was smart because we'd not even kissed yet, his response was....the time hadn't presented itself to kiss me....Oh but it had presented itself for me to get naked and lay down with him? WHAT THE HELL?????? Now a few weeks later he's got a girlfriend....SERIOUSLY??

What is wrong with me? Why do men not want a nice, wonderful, loyal, sweetheart like me? I've been dumped for so many reasons. And each time it stings a bit more. I just don't get it. I know I'm not desperate.....I'm a good person. So why on earth is it so hard for a good man to actually want me? What did I ever do? I'm 34, I'm not sure if I'll ever have children. I'm not sure I'll ever be married and have that "wonderful" life. I honestly thought that by now I'd be settled down and be on my way to having it all. But all I see is everyone else getting and having it all. And me....Yeah. Pity Party Table of 1. Story of my life.

No wonder Ken didn't spend any time with me when he got back from Iraq....HE WAS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid am I? And that was a year ago he took the plunge. I even saw her with him once at a should of approached him like I'd thought....But I was the bigger person. Man I'm an idiot!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello humans....Oh my what a day. We had some stuff happen here in the apartment. Yesterday the loud people next door had a clogged drain in the bathroom. And well, it backed up the tub here in our place and Mama was not happy when she got home and got that message I'll tell ya! There was this smelly brown gooey stuff that came up in our tub and it was just nasty as can be! Mama said that they couldn't fix it till today.

Well we know what that means right humans....I had to be locked up in the bedroom! And all our kitchen stuff was put in the living room and dining room. Mama was cussing up a storm last night too. So today while I was locked up we got new pipes and the tub is working and we got new cabinets put in....well the same ones but i think a bit up dated. I'm gonna go inspect here soon.

Normally I'm pretty upset when I get locked up but I have to say all in all today I was ok in the bedroom. Mama always brings in my litter and food and I have to say it was a nice day to nap. no pesky birds chirping and keeping me awake! And it's pretty nice when i get to wake up hop off the bed and go right to my food dish....I feel like royalty! Lol!

Well humans, I need to make my rounds and make sure that the handyman and plumber did all the work well! Inspection Kitty to the rescue!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday was judgement day for this heifer. Yeah I rejoined Weight Watchers. And I really wasn't happy with the number on the scale. But I now have my new goals in front of my face and I really have to stick with the program. I've let myself go for so long in so many ways.

I got allot out of the meeting and was impressed by the amount of actual overweight women there. I was in Weight Watchers a few years back and I know it works I'm ready to remake myself yet again! In fact when I went to the store later in the day I got all the healthy things I used to eat and I forgot how much those things cost! Yikes!! But I found some really cool things! Who knew they had bagel thins. I'm sure everyone on here has seen them because I tend to "new things" way after other people! Lol. But bagel thins are like someone took a bagel and cut the very top and very bottom off and put them in a bag. And they are only 2 points compared to a regular bagel which can be 6 points for more. Yeah...see what I'm sayin?

Then yesterday my cousin and I went walking on the high school track. I really do like walking there. It's a nice track. And after we went a mile my legs didn't kill me like when we go walking around town. And today my legs aren't hurting like before. So....yeah mushy track :)

It's a process to loose weight but I've done it before a few years ago. I just have to put my mind to it and I know I can do it again. Conditioning is what i gotta do.

Think Thin :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok. So I was minding my own business tonight at the laundry mat when in walked....Anita. Oh she was so cute with her natural curly hair and her bouncy happy self...Until I had to walk by her and check on the clothes in my dryer. And Anita tried to rip my head off! Ok, before you all freak out Anita is a dog....Lol. A little yip per of a dog. She is a poodle. And if you ask me the most worthless kind of dog!

She was little and had bows in her ears....omg the things people do to their animals. I couldn't tell as she was trying to be super vicious with me if her nails were painted but I'm assuming they were since she seemed to be a bit of a diva dog. And her owner (a older German lady) was trying to settle her down in broken English. Oh Anita...Be nice, oh Anita....Don't be so loud, oh Anita....Shhhh (something in German). Lol. I wondered....could Anita tell I'm a cat person?

I got to thinking....I'm an animal person in general. Most cats and dogs like me. Can you blame them I'm a wonderful person to be around. But Diva Anita....She's another story all together. Mom says it's the owner not the dog. As I recalled my memories with her of my parents dog Candy. She was a poodle. Who has been told to me that when I came home from the hospital as a baby Candy was not fond of me at all and my father tells me that she growled at me. But as time went on I became pretty attached to that little dog. And for a poodle she was a good dog...Till she went in the cattle lot and ate poop. Yeah....She loved to do that and then run into the house....Oh Mom HATED that! Lol.

But this dog today....Anita....Yikes!! Watcher of the dryers! She means business in the Mat! Ha ha! I guess I'm just not a lover of nonsocial dogs. I'm pretty sure though that Miss Scarlett could take her. With just one swing she'd knock Anita's bows right out of her ears! Lol!! God little dogs are so possessive of their humans! Vicious devil dog!!

I had to laugh though when Anita got herself so worked up that she started coughing....Yeah Anita! Take it like a woman! Karma Anita Karma! Lol. Maybe she just got some dryer lint stuck on her tongue....Who knows! Lol. Guess there is never a dull moment at the laundry mat.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Ok, so I've taken the summer off from blogging and I've just been having me time. In fact I've taken the past five, count them five months off of dating and men and I really have to say that after the past five years these past five months have been wonderful :)

I've taken this time to put me first (which if you ask me I should of done a long time ago). I've come to the conclusion that I'm ok just as I am. For the longest time I thought everything was my fault in everything I did. And that I must be the common factor in all my relationships failing. And I was in a very dark place for a bit emotionally and in matters of the heart. But I took a step back and looked at all of that and came to the conclusion that I've been dating the same kind of man for five years. All different shapes and sizes and ages. But in the end...the same man. Unattached, unable to commit and the minute he feels trapped by the "B word" (boyfriend) he bolts. So I gave it all up and I poured time into me instead of pouring all my time and energy into trying to figure out what I can do to make someone else happy.

I finally realized I'm the one that matters. ME!!!!!! I've taken this time and I've had a wonderful summer of ME! Lol!! I went swimming and got a nice tan. I have been working out and trying to get back on track with Weight Watchers. I've taken in countless movies (that I wanted to see). I've read books and taken naps. It all may sound really trivial and silly to some but it has made me happy. And, helped my heart to heal. Sure I have my days where i curse all men and wish that they would just vanish off the face of the earth....I am after all a woman! Lol!! But for the most I just say....blah to you mister! Ha ha!

I've begun reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Now single ladies....take heed and read! it's wonderful for me at this time in my life because it is a story of a woman in her 30's searching for what makes her whole again. And, well.....I'm in that search. That wonderful search of what makes me happy. And I can honestly say I'm the most peaceful right now with my inner self. If that makes sense to any of you :)

The trip I took to Branson this summer was wonderful and it got me away and let me cut loose and laugh and be happy. It's amazing how a mini holiday can do that for someone :) I even got to hit a concert this summer. And am looking forward to a couple of other concerts this fall. Which isn't like me at all. But I'm it's my time!

Scarlett has been busy too. She's had a full summer of taking care of Mama. She said just the other day she is ready for fall and all that brings. I think she's just ready for football, LOL!!

Take care all and be sure to stay tuned to us.....

Friday, June 18, 2010


Well hello all! Oh my it's been a while since I've blogged. So much has been going on that I've just been too busy. Which is a nice change. First I should start by saying that this is a new improved Melanie. I'm getting back to me and putting me first. Which I've not done in sometime because I've been in relationships and I somehow lost focus on me.

I've gotten back into working out every day. Yes I said every day! Sometimes twice a day. And I'm feeling great! A bit sore from time to time but great all the same! LOL. I've been reading and getting to the movies. I've also been in the pool doing laps and getting my summer tan. All of this I'm doing man less and I have to say for the first time in almost 5 years I'm really happy. I'm not worried about all the things that come with men. Like is he cheating on me, is he lying to me, where is he at, why does he only have time for me one day a week? Men have been nothing but a mess for me.

I've only truly been in love once and it messed me up so much that I just don't think I have it in me anymore. Other than that one time....the rest of my relationships have been nothing but heartache and headaches. I'm finally back to me. And I feel so free and happy.

It's not that I've been in controlling relationships or anything like that it's that I've been in so many one sided things that I lost balance of it all. I give and give and give and men take. They have never really cared for me as a person, mostly I'm just a person who was there to have fun with for a while and then when things start to get serious they just dump you. Well I believe I'm worth sooooo much more than that.

As for those who say I've just not found my one yet. Well there have been over 40 in my life the past 5 years. Now don't judge me! The over 40 include, one date disasters, boyfriends, and guys that you hangout with once or twice and decide....nahhh not for me. That's a lot of idiots and frankly this girl is tired of dating and the game and all that goes with it. My get up and go when it comes to love has got up and went! I told my Mom the other night on my tombstone it will lies Melanie, she lived alone and she died alone. And my Mom said NO! It will lies Melanie....she's smarter than a man. LOL. Gotta love your Mom huh?

Out of 4o some odd men I never found the one that could prove that he actually gave a damn about me. Jr. he was a bit of an exception. But that ship has sailed. And in the end, he ended up like the others, confused as to what he wanted and scared to move forward. So he ran away. And when he wanted to come back I pushed him away. Because frankly if a man can't stand a bit of heat and runs.....he'll run again. I'm not stupid.

Me I'll be fine. I always am.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello humans! Are you staying cool? Mama is all excited because she saw people in the pool today and she is busting to get out there and swim. We've had quite a week here in the house....people are moving out left and right in the complex and I've been keeping my watch on! Moving out, moving in, moving around!

They have come by lately and cleaned the carpets here and for that I had to be locked up in the bathroom all morning! Mama knows I'm not a fan of that, sure she tries to make it easy on me by putting my pillow in there and my water and food, she seems to think all I'm gonna do is nap....wait.....I kind of did, lol!! Then another day i had to be locked up in the bedroom because they were coming to check filters and all that jazz. It's not so bad being locked in the bedroom but I prefer to go in there on my own. Instead of Mama being all sneaky! Lol.

Mama has been so happy lately, I think this "me" time is very good for her. She has been happy and smiling all the time. I'm happy when Mama's happy. We are really ready for summer! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend all!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello to all humans! I'm back on the blog spot! Mama and I have been so busy and I've been a good girl and taking care of Mama as best a four footer can :) Mama has had some kind of light appear around her. It seems to be a happy heart. She has told me of her plans. Those would be the fact that she has taken her life back and she has made some changes.

Now Mama has decided to not date at all.....odd behavior I know but Mama says it's her "me" time and I'm just happy I get to have that "me" time with her. I've been telling her for years to just dump the men and enjoy life and that seems to be just what she's doing. We've been snuggling a lot and reading a bit. Mama got herself some new smelly stuff she likes to put on when she goes out and goes to work, she also got some new finger paints. It always makes her finger tips look funny! And frankly the smell makes my nose turn up! But it really seems to make Mama happy. And I'm all for anything that makes Mama smile. It's been hot out this weekend and Mama finally turned on the A.C. Yippee!

Today I got to have my favorite thing....I got a brushing! I love the feel of the brush on my fur and skin! It's like a nice massage! I'm always a bit miffed when Mama stops but I guess her arm gets tired or something like that. Memorial weekend seems to be coming up and Mama says we are gonna relax and hangout. Yeah! I need lots of snuggle time :)

Other than that I've just been keeping an eye on the complex. People are moving out and in lots of business going on. And I've been watching it all. Sure I keep Mama posted as best I can. Sometimes I wish she spoke Kitty better! Oh well.....I need to go humans....Time for my bath :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


Wow, never thought I'd say it....but this chick is out of the game! I've never been so over dating and men in my life. What's it all for anyway? All you get is a big headache and a massive heartache. Overrated is what I call it! I've got nothing to show for the years of dating except a over priced tooth brush (which I'd never bought on my own and i have to say I love it) and an empty vase that i once got a flower in. After years of dating that's it? That's all I get? What a jip!

Frankly I just don't have the steam in me. Dating is more than ruff it should be illegal! It causes too much pain and suffering. And you have not one thing to show for it but a bunch of walls that get bigger and bigger as you get older. No one wants a 34 year old woman who is on the chunky side of life. I'm too old to have children and too young to be a spinster. So I'm the cat lady. Which is something i don't fear because I'm a wonderful cat Mama.

Justin wants to be friends, ok. Friendship I can deal with. Emotions and feelings....nope I just can't deal with that. I'm becoming a unfeeling bitch. And it's due time! My entire life I've done for others, I've listened to their problems, I've supported them, I've been the friend, I've been the dependable one. I've been the one they tell it all to and then they run off with someone else. Well no more! Now it's all about me and how I feel and what I want! I'm sick of the old....Melanie is nice and all but she's not the one for me.

Melanie is about to take her life back and become the best she's ever been.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yeah so for the masses....I've officially been dumped. Seems to be that I'm too much of a good person. I was dumped because I'm too bubbly and I talk too much. He says we are too different because he's so laid back and mellow. This is another man who has dumped me because I'm too good of a person. He claims he has no feelings for me what so ever. Good to know, esp. since he seemed to be quite interested at the get go. Then three months in.....we aren't a good fit and he doesn't see anything long term happening with us. Good to know esp. since not that long ago he was planning on spending the summer with me. This is his loss and he has no clue what he's given up.

WHY IS IT.....

Why is it that dating is so tuff? Why is it that men don't seem to be interested in a nice girl? Why is it that you have to be so guarded? Why is it that you can't fully open up to someone for fear that they will dump you if you are too you?

These are some of the many things floating through my head. Why does it all have to be so damn complicated? Why can't it just be....I like you, you like me, lets go out? I was never a girl that guys dated in high school and college because I was too fat. Yeah lets face it...guys don't like big girls. then i got out and I was every ones friend, and that sucks even more. Now in my late 20's and 30's I'm finally meeting men that like curvy girls and all I get is the runaround!! I get the you're sooo wonderful but I just can't be with you. What the hell is that??

My boyfriend now....I really like him. But he's guarded, as am I. But most of the time I just don't understand. Why can't we just spend time together? We've talked about all kinds of things, we've been together for about three months. So why do i always feel like I'm doing something wrong? Feeling something wrong? I really like him and I don't want to scare him off so I keep allot of things in. For fear if I told him how much I liked him he'd run off to the hills.

Why can't it just be simple. Since when is it that men don't like a good girl? What is the issue here? I'm not dramatic, I'm low maintenance, I can cook, I'm affectionate, I'm not demanding, I'm fun as hell.

Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend and I have so much fun together. He makes me laugh like I've never laughed before. I guess I just don't understand why he feels he's no good for me. Why is it so hard to just be with me?

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ok, so as we have seen I've been a lazy goose and I've not posted any blogs and neither has Scarlett. She has been so busy keeping an eye on everyone in the building lately and playing hostess that she has had no time at all to blog.

I've been stressed out at work and life was sucking for a few days. But like those big ass thunderstorms last week that has passed and I'm feeling much better emotionally. Scarlett and I have started working out again, not as much as we should but hey every little bit counts right? She and I have also started reading a new book in the Nice Girls series. So that has kept us busy at night too!

On Thursday, Scarlett was busy keeping tabs on the guy that lived next door (he's moved out) and she was sitting in the screen door with her eyes peeled on him at all times! And she would look every direction he'd go. I'm not sure if in her mind it was like "look Mama! It's an action movie!" or what but it sure was funny to watch her expressions with every load he took by the front door! She also had a bit of a heart attack last week when the ambulance went by our complex with it's lights and sirens going....she got so freaked out that she hid behind me and popped her head out from behind my legs with her Mr. Ferley eyes going wild!

Last week my parents came down and took me out for a nice birthday dinner and mom and dad bought me a new house plant. I sure do like having something green in the house. It adds some nice character to a room! I've named her Betsy and I think Scarlett would love to nip at the leaves but I've got it out of sight out of mind....I hope :)

Other than that things have been pretty good. I am going to a rock concert this week and I'll be busy as all get out at work. Thank god people still need medical help! It's one of the few places to work where there are actual jobs! Well people I hope you have enjoyed the beginning of May as much as I have! Let's have a wonderful spring!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ok, so for those of you who know me well you know how I can get about cleaning and about dishes in particular! Well anal clean Melanie has met her boyfriend and his son and his brother! Lol! Three men living together....need I say more? I let it go as long as I could but last night I tackled the dishes!! And oh how I felt better! I've been eyeing a pan over there that has sat on the stove for way too long and last night my inner anal clean freak won! Lol!! Justin has told me before that he's not going to let me clean is house, but damn, I'm just gonna do it! I understand that with a child it's hard sometimes and he's busy with work and he's been very tired lately, so I just did it on my own! And I told him last night that I'm just going to do dishes twice a week! And I hear from the living room his brother go...."I don't have a problem with that!" I told Justin he has gained a girlfriend and his brother has gained a maid! Ha ha!

Dishes are a bit of a pet peeve for me. They gotta be done! When I sat down last night with the guys to watch a movie I had accomplished just that! All dishes in the house were done! Koby at one point goes "Melanie, you can leave those dishes for dad to do later, you can come play a game with me now" insert cute five year old smile here. And I told him, "well we can play in a little bit, I'm going to do dishes now so dad can enjoy his day tomorrow." It's little things like that that I think are important. I wanted to help and I did. It may of been just dishes but I made Justin's day a bit better just by doing that simple thing.

I'm not as bad as Monk, but I do like my dishes clean and put away. Or at least clean and in the rack! Lol, that's where most of mine are!

Another thing that surprised me, I took over the movie All About Steve (one of my favorites) and we watched it and the guys really seemed to like it! They actually laughed! So score one for the lady! Well I guess I should get my butt in gear! I've got some dish cloths to make for a wedding present!

Take care my darlings :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So much has been happening in my little world. Walking is taking over and bowling is almost over. I've finished another book series, that makes the third book series I've finished and that makes me pretty happy! Since reading and me have our times, lol. I've got to say the Erin McCarthy books were a super fun read! Lots of laughing and cold showers were had! Ha ha! The new series I've started is called the Nice Girls books, so far they are a fun read, I've just had no time to read. Either I'm out and about or staying up too late or sleeping! Lol!! Soon it will be pool weather and I love to read while at the pool!

Scarlett is doing just fine! The other day she got a bit too close to the outside for my taste. She got a yelling and a foot to the nose! And she knew she had done wrong! No worries people, she and I made up real quick and she is laying in the sunlight as we speak watching the squirrels outside!

I trust everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!! I had a good time catching up with family and spending time with my parents and a wonderful corgi "Sister". It's starting to be flea and tick season, so make sure to put medicine on you're four footers! Lizzy can't sleep with me now till fall. I heard her walking around last night on the hard wood floors in my bedroom and I heard her go down the stairs to my dad. Ticks do NOT belong in my bed! No matter how much I love that little dog!

Well I need to be getting on with my day! Have a lovely day and enjoy the rest of it!


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Happy Saturday humans! So it is a wet one out there today. Mama has been to mail out bills and off to the store today. She is getting lil smokies ready as we speak for the game. It's been March Madness all over the place here. Ever since KSU got in to the playoffs! Mama and Justin have been watching lots of basketball and that means I have too. I mostly nap during it unless it's too stressful for Mama. Like the other night when it went into two overtimes....Mama couldn't even stay in the room with me she kept going off in the kitchen or bathroom because she said she just couldn't watch with how close it was. Then after the game when they won we were in the bedroom getting ready to snuggle in for the night and we could hear people chanting and yelling and there were fireworks going off and all. What a crazy night! Mama says it's the first time in 22 years that KSU has advanced like this. Wow!

Now let me tell you about a little boy I've met this week. His name is Koby and he is Justin's son. He is a nice kid, esp. when he drops his food on the floor! I really liked that part of our first meeting. He kept to himself, but I sure did check him out....from afar at first and then I got up the courage to go and sniff him. He smells of child, which isn't something I'm really used to, but he didn't chase me or pull my fur so I'm ok with him! And I have to say I love to see the smile that Mama gets when she's around Justin. And he is good to me too! He likes to talk to me and ask me how I'm doing. Awww. I like humans who know I'm in the room!

Well I need to get on my way here, Mama has just painted her nails purple and the smell is awful! Lol!! Keep dry humans!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello all! Oh my time change is a bugger huh? Mama has been beating me up in the morning! I continue to lay about and watch her run around till I'm really ready to get out of bed. Then when she is home for lunch....yeah, I'm still in napping mode! Mama says I'll get used to it again, but for now I'm just gonna sleep!

Mama says it's supposed to snow again this weekend. What nasty weather is that? It's supposed to be the first day of spring and we get snow? Man if I recall there wasn't even snow on the first day of winter this past year! Oh well I guess I'll just snuggle in with Mama, I'm sure there will be reading involved.

Well humans take it easy! I've got to get a bath in. Time to preen.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello humans. Oh my how this four footer has been busy. Mama is so come and go lately! And it's giving me a good nap process! Mama's boyfriend has been over a bit and I have to say I've stamped my paw of approval on him. Justin is a good guy. He's gotten kitty kisses from me and the other night as we sat and watched the game I laid right next to him on the top of the sofa. Yeah I agree with Mama....good guy!

Mama's been out with the girls allot too! Going to Aggieville all in green and heading to the movies and such. She's been a mover and shaker! That's good even Mama's need their time out! We've been reading a bit too. She's been so busy that we haven't even been able to blog!

Spring is on it's way! and I'm getting a bit annoyed by the birds outside the window, just out of my reach! Taunting songs they sing! Mama gets all worked up just cuz I want to talk back to them she's all like "Scarlett! GET OUT OF THE WINDOW!!" I can't help the hour that I want to jump up there, what like she needs her sleep? Oh well humans I wanted to touch base! And now I'm off to beg for breakfast!


Thursday, March 4, 2010


Greetings humans! What a day! The sun is out and I hear the birds singing, oh my Spring is in the air huh? Well Mama has sure been on the busy side of life lately. She has been out walking with Auntie Shianne and she has been spending time with her new man friend.

And yes I have met said man friend and i approve. He came over last week and we all watched a dvd together. He allowed me to sniff him real good and I even gave him a kitty kiss, that is where I nose him right in the face. He really seems to make Mama smile and I think that is a wonderful thing!

Mama has been super tired lately and has been sleeping earlier than normal, I think it's the weather, she is just tired allot. But it's ok when Spring is finally here she'll be back to normal! Yesterday I got locked up in the bedroom due to fire inspections in the complex, I did however voice my opinion on this quite loudly but I still got locked up for the day! Thank God Auntie Shianne came over early and let me out! I gotta have the full scale of my surroundings or I'm an unhappy lady! Well humans I gotta get my breakfast on! Have a lovely day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Snowy greetings humans!

I'm as happy as a six month old kitten right now! Mama has opened the shades in the bedroom today to let me view the snow falling outside. I'm up so high! This beats my perch in the living room! Mama very rarely opens the shades in the bedroom for me because people walk dogs behind the apartment and they can see right in the window, I can understand Mama likes her privacy. But this is a super treat for me because now I'm watching the trees for birds and I'm swatting at snow that comes near the window! Yippee!!!!!

Other than that it's been a pretty relaxing weekend here. Mama went and got me some food yesterday so I'm happy I can strap on the old food bag, lol. And Auntie Joanna came over yesterday and we all played Scrabble Slam. Well I helped! They had the cards laid out and of course I had to walk on the cards and stand just so they couldn't play a single card. I am an attention whore sometimes and who could blame me? I'm adorable! Well humans I need to get on with my day. I've heard a rumor that I'm getting brushed later....awww I love the feel of the brush on my fur!

Drive safe humans!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello all! Well this has been quite a week.....I'm super ready to relax today! I have been out every night this week. Bowling, parties, and a date ;) Well a second date to be exact! And it was a real second date. The kind where you actually go out and have a nice dinner. It's been a very long time since I've had that in my life! Since Jr. to be exact.

His name is Justin and he makes me smile so big and laugh so much! He's a normal man with a normal job and he's bald and I love it! I've got a thing for bald guys, it's super cute to me. And yesterday he sky rocketed to a new level.....he sent me a beautiful flower at work. He knew I was having a bad day and he sent me this beautiful Gerber daisy in this beautiful hot pink vase. and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! No man has ever done that for me. No man has ever cared enough to send me something like that. This one is a keeper! And the girls at work totally agree! LOL.

I talked to him when I got home from work and thanked him lots and lots! And I told him how sweet it was that he did that and it was a first for me and he said it probably won't be the last of the firsts. AWWWWWWWWWW.

Other than that....I've been reading and finished book 2 and started book 3 of the Vegas Vampire Series, good reading!! I've had such a busy week that I was in bed on a Friday night before 10....reading yes...and out by 10, lol.

Miss Scarlett doesn't know it yet but today will be cleaning day. I told my cousin Lorrie who sells aprons online that Scarlett needs one kitty sized. I wonder if she can make one kitty sized? Scarlett isn't a big wardrobe kind of cat but I try really hard to put cute hats on her and all. I know I'm an evil MaMa! Ha ha!

Well I need to get my day started here soon.....wish me luck I'm thinking about working out....We'll see what wins out book or workout! Lol!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hello all! It's been a while since I've blogged but life gets to moving so fast and you just don't have lots of time some days. Or you just don't get motivated! Lol. I've been reading a bunch lately and it's really makes me happy to get lost in a book. I've started reading this new series called the Vegas Vampire series by Erin Mccarthy. Oh my it's such a funny book at times. Sure you have the standard hot Vampire action but there are also moments in the books where I just laugh and laugh. Miss Scarlett loves the down time let me tell you! She tends to snuggle in and wrap her little cat arms around me and nap while I read. It's really very relaxing.

Let me tell you about last night.....Well perhaps I should start by saying I've found some new books....yes...Vampire Romances, lol. But they are by two different authors and I found a couple of other books by Allie MacKay that are non Vampire but called paranormal romance or also called time travel by my mom. Well the books I've found are books two - three of different things....but you can never find book one anywhere! Do you feel my pain? So I took it online in the quest to find book one of everything I have in my book arsenal. Lol! Normally I go to Barnes and Noble online but my cousin Shianne had had really good luck on Borders looking for all the books she'd been missing out of her book arsenal! So last night I decided to go on and see if my books were on there or not.

Eureka! I found them all! All four of them! I was so excited and I got to take advantage of the free shipping also! Then....DUN, DUN, DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just as I was ready to check out it took me to this new page and told me to sing in....Thought I already had....Guess not! So I proceeded to try and sing in....four times :( It finally popped up with an 800 # and I had to call because I didn't know if there was an order out there in cyberspace floating know the black hole where socks go from the dryer, pen caps disappear to and faxes go to die. Lol!

The guy that came on to help me bless his heart was named Patrick and he really helped me along the ordering process. He was trying to help and I said how about this....I'll click back to where it ended up messing up and we'll go from there. He agreed that would be a good idea. So I clicked and clicked and clicked. Finally he was like "did you get there?" And i replied, "Honey, i clicked on a lot of pages" and he just laughed. He had my order in front of him and I ended up just ordering through him, but then he had to read off my selections.....Wicked Nights - Nina Bangs.....Highlander in her Bed and Highlander in her Dreams - Allie MacKay (with those he kind of swallowed hard, lol) then he said the last book and this is where he really tried hard not to laugh....Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs - Molly Harper.

I told him it's ok to laugh he's a guy, I told him they have silly names but they are wonderful books and he goes, I'm not judging, lol!! And then he says "that last book really caught me off guard." How fun is that?? Anywhoo....I got my books ordered and I'm pretty happy, now I just have to wait for the mail to come :) And as my cousin Shianne has already told me, she can't wait to borrow them from me! I've created a monster ;) Ha ha! She had just gotten five new books herself! But it's nice to have someone read the same thing you are and then you can discuss :) And I've gotten my best good friend Joanna started on them too! I can't wait till those girls read the Vegas Vampire series!! Lots of fun!

Well it's time for me to start my day all! Have a lovely Valentine's day. Mine will be filled with Vampire love ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hello humans. I've been a pretty busy girl! Mama needed lots of cuddle time this weekend. Well that's what I call it when she is reading, that is my cuddle time. Mama finished her book last night and I'm so proud of her she read it in four days, kitty high five!!

Mama came home the other night and smelled of the farm :( but she informed me she had just been to the KSU rodeo bull riding event. I made sure to smell her real close.....I'm not a fan of cattle smell! I made her take a nice hot shower before bed! Mama also brought home new books so we'll have lots more cuddle time.

Yesterday I spent allot of time on my perch. Mama headed out and did laundry and all that jazz but I kept watch on top of my chair and watched the cars go by. It's really like my t.v. Ha ha! And last night there was a massive boom somewhere upstairs when Mama and I were getting ready for bed. I got puffy tail, which we all know only happens when I'm upset or freaked out! Mama comforted me and we looked out but saw nothing. Very interesting....someone must of shut something hard or fell down. Who knows!

Today it's back to my regular schedule....Nap, perch, nap, lunch, nap :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hello there humans :) It's me Scarlett and I'm sending greetings to you today from the comfort of Mama's big lovely bed. That's right.....I'm in bed! Mama has been trying to get some stuff done today around the house and I've not been much of a helper. She was trying to defur the blanket earlier and I was chasing the sticky wand around! Then Mama thought it'd be funny to use the wand on me! Well I took great offence to that I'll tell ya! Mama thinks that she is going to put new sheets on the bed but I'd like to see her try as I'm laying in the middle of the bed! She'll probably try to lure me away with food.....Yeah that would work! Lol!

We've been pretty busy around here lately. Mama had this new friend come over....Tim....He was ok, but he just didn't mesh well with us ladies. He had too much baggage Mama said. So we are rid of him, lol. Mama has started reading another Sookie Stackhouse book. She sure does love those! In fact last night she stayed in with me and we cuddled up and read and we were in bed by 9:30. I love lazy nights with Mama!!

Also, Mama has been seeing that other cat Charlie behind my back! His Mama and Daddy are out of town so my Mama has been taking care of him. She comes home smelling of him and I find all this black hair on her! Yikes!!!!!! I make sure she changes right away before we cuddle!

I've heard that Auntie Shianne will be here today, sounds as if the girls are headed to the bookstore. Grand! That's all we need more flipping books! Grrrrrrr!

I got to see Grandma last weekend and I gave her some special kitty love! I'm sure Mama's sister Lizzy loved that! I made sure I rubbed my scent on all Grandmas stuff just to tick off that silly puppy! Ha ha! I'm an evil master mind, BAWWWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Holy poop! Here comes Mama with the pink sheets.....Massive eye roll.......Now I have to find somewhere else to lay.

Have a good day humans!! Stay warm!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello humans! I'm back!!! Oh my I've been a lazy girl! Mama has been too, we both seem to be on the same lazy schedule. There has been no sunlight lately and it is gloomy as all get out. Mama has been in reading mode so all we do is snuggle and read. Which if you ask me isn't so bad, I kind of like all the down time :) Not much has been going on in the building either! The guy next door (the one I like to stare at) he's on some weird schedule and I don't get to stare at him like normal!

Mama got some new movies on DVD and we got to watch those and I agree with Mama, Sandra Bullock is awesome! I've been told my Grandma is going to be in town this weekend and she's going to be staying with us, this makes me happy! I've not seen Grandma since this summer! I need my kisses!! I know she's allergic to me (what with itchy eyes and all) but she just needs to wash her hands after hugging me!

Oh yes, and Mama got a new purse last weekend and she made me stare at it. I just don't get it...why is it such a big deal? Staring at a purse that doesn't move. No action baby! That's what i need Action! Oh well, I heard a rumor that we are having chicken tonight....I think I'll help!

Later all!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello all! Well I have to say this weekend has been wonderful in my books! I went out with my good friend Michelle on Friday and we took in some bands at a local bar and had fun with friends. Today I spent the day with my cousin and and my bud Joanna. We took in the movie Leap Year....omg it was so cute! Yeah it made me mist up a bit and Shianne was like....Stop crying now I'm going to cry! And she did. Sympathy crying lol! I told her hell I cry at a coffee commercial so of course I'm going to cry at this movie! Lol!

Then we hit the mall....HELLO new purse! I love it so!! I'm going to fill it full of things here soon! It's what I like to call a "Mom in training purse". It's not as big as a "Mom" purse but it's a half size smaller, lol. Shianne was like "are you even going to be able to fill that thing up?" Give me time my love :)

I've also started a new Sookie Stackhouse book, I'm on book 8!! Omg I swear that they just get better and better, how is that? They are hard to explain esp. with all the characters in them but I do my best to try and explain them to mom. I love the Charlaine Harris books! What on earth did I do before her series? Lol!

Tomorrow is my lazy house day, movies to watch and floors to clean. What a life? Lol!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Greetings humans!

Oh my what a wild holiday season it's been huh? Mama went home last week for Christmas and there was some horrible weather that came in! She made it safely to Grandma and Grandpa's and made it back home to me safely. But it was quite a journey. She had to have cousin Tim pull her up the hill with the tractor!

Grandma and Grandpa got me some litter for Christmas! It was so nice of them to think of me! And Mama gave me the special gift that Darlin and Lizzy gave me too.....I got a Chihuahua! Not a real one....but an ornament! Lol! I now have my very own Chihuahua! Mama says it's a start, ha ha!

Mama has been home for the past few days. She had some vacation time and took an extra day off from work, so we've been hanging out and watching the Bonnie Hunt show in the mornings! Mama has totally thrown me off my schedule lately! I'm not getting my required 15 hours of sleep! But it sure is nice to have her home with me and cuddle and nap together! Oh my Mama bought the HBO series True Blood and we've been watching it. Mama is Vampire obsessed! Lol! As is my Auntie Shianne! The two of them are silly, they watch an episode and call each other! Then last night I caught Mama on the computer watching clips of season 2! I think I need to contact an 800 #! The show between you and me.....very entertaining! Mama says it follows book one, not perfectly but you get the jest of it.

Mama has also been reading her romance books too. We've been doing pretty good at keeping up with those! She had become quite a reader! It's kind of nice though because I like to lay next to Mama when she's reading.....She's a wonderful heat source! Lol! Well humans, I've gotta run for now, I've heard a nasty rumor that a vacuum will be out soon and I need to high tail it out of the way of that beast!

Best New Year to all of you!