Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok. So I was minding my own business tonight at the laundry mat when in walked....Anita. Oh she was so cute with her natural curly hair and her bouncy happy self...Until I had to walk by her and check on the clothes in my dryer. And Anita tried to rip my head off! Ok, before you all freak out Anita is a dog....Lol. A little yip per of a dog. She is a poodle. And if you ask me the most worthless kind of dog!

She was little and had bows in her ears....omg the things people do to their animals. I couldn't tell as she was trying to be super vicious with me if her nails were painted but I'm assuming they were since she seemed to be a bit of a diva dog. And her owner (a older German lady) was trying to settle her down in broken English. Oh Anita...Be nice, oh Anita....Don't be so loud, oh Anita....Shhhh (something in German). Lol. I wondered....could Anita tell I'm a cat person?

I got to thinking....I'm an animal person in general. Most cats and dogs like me. Can you blame them I'm a wonderful person to be around. But Diva Anita....She's another story all together. Mom says it's the owner not the dog. As I recalled my memories with her of my parents dog Candy. She was a poodle. Who has been told to me that when I came home from the hospital as a baby Candy was not fond of me at all and my father tells me that she growled at me. But as time went on I became pretty attached to that little dog. And for a poodle she was a good dog...Till she went in the cattle lot and ate poop. Yeah....She loved to do that and then run into the house....Oh Mom HATED that! Lol.

But this dog today....Anita....Yikes!! Watcher of the dryers! She means business in the Mat! Ha ha! I guess I'm just not a lover of nonsocial dogs. I'm pretty sure though that Miss Scarlett could take her. With just one swing she'd knock Anita's bows right out of her ears! Lol!! God little dogs are so possessive of their humans! Vicious devil dog!!

I had to laugh though when Anita got herself so worked up that she started coughing....Yeah Anita! Take it like a woman! Karma Anita Karma! Lol. Maybe she just got some dryer lint stuck on her tongue....Who knows! Lol. Guess there is never a dull moment at the laundry mat.

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