Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday was judgement day for this heifer. Yeah I rejoined Weight Watchers. And I really wasn't happy with the number on the scale. But I now have my new goals in front of my face and I really have to stick with the program. I've let myself go for so long in so many ways.

I got allot out of the meeting and was impressed by the amount of actual overweight women there. I was in Weight Watchers a few years back and I know it works I'm ready to remake myself yet again! In fact when I went to the store later in the day I got all the healthy things I used to eat and I forgot how much those things cost! Yikes!! But I found some really cool things! Who knew they had bagel thins. I'm sure everyone on here has seen them because I tend to "new things" way after other people! Lol. But bagel thins are like someone took a bagel and cut the very top and very bottom off and put them in a bag. And they are only 2 points compared to a regular bagel which can be 6 points for more. Yeah...see what I'm sayin?

Then yesterday my cousin and I went walking on the high school track. I really do like walking there. It's a nice track. And after we went a mile my legs didn't kill me like when we go walking around town. And today my legs aren't hurting like before. So....yeah mushy track :)

It's a process to loose weight but I've done it before a few years ago. I just have to put my mind to it and I know I can do it again. Conditioning is what i gotta do.

Think Thin :)

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