Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello humans....Oh my what a day. We had some stuff happen here in the apartment. Yesterday the loud people next door had a clogged drain in the bathroom. And well, it backed up the tub here in our place and Mama was not happy when she got home and got that message I'll tell ya! There was this smelly brown gooey stuff that came up in our tub and it was just nasty as can be! Mama said that they couldn't fix it till today.

Well we know what that means right humans....I had to be locked up in the bedroom! And all our kitchen stuff was put in the living room and dining room. Mama was cussing up a storm last night too. So today while I was locked up we got new pipes and the tub is working and we got new cabinets put in....well the same ones but i think a bit up dated. I'm gonna go inspect here soon.

Normally I'm pretty upset when I get locked up but I have to say all in all today I was ok in the bedroom. Mama always brings in my litter and food and I have to say it was a nice day to nap. no pesky birds chirping and keeping me awake! And it's pretty nice when i get to wake up hop off the bed and go right to my food dish....I feel like royalty! Lol!

Well humans, I need to make my rounds and make sure that the handyman and plumber did all the work well! Inspection Kitty to the rescue!

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