Saturday, November 20, 2010



Let me start this by saying...Thanks to the powers that be by the mighty facebook I've found one of my ex boyfriends....yeah and I'm pretty much disgusted! His wife and I share a common it a radio station but all the same that is how I saw his asshole face pop up on my screen! You all know me....of course I'm gonna dig! And I saw that they were married in Jan. of 09. That means that Ken the Asshole was married ten days after he dumped me! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????? I am at a total loss for words. Had I known I was up against that I'd never of waisted tears on that ASSHOLE! This totally breaks all the hope I've ever had in finding true love. It just isn't out there is it?

Another guy I went out with on one real date and then we hung out one other time tried to pressure me into having sex with him. When I told him that I didn't think that was smart because we'd not even kissed yet, his response was....the time hadn't presented itself to kiss me....Oh but it had presented itself for me to get naked and lay down with him? WHAT THE HELL?????? Now a few weeks later he's got a girlfriend....SERIOUSLY??

What is wrong with me? Why do men not want a nice, wonderful, loyal, sweetheart like me? I've been dumped for so many reasons. And each time it stings a bit more. I just don't get it. I know I'm not desperate.....I'm a good person. So why on earth is it so hard for a good man to actually want me? What did I ever do? I'm 34, I'm not sure if I'll ever have children. I'm not sure I'll ever be married and have that "wonderful" life. I honestly thought that by now I'd be settled down and be on my way to having it all. But all I see is everyone else getting and having it all. And me....Yeah. Pity Party Table of 1. Story of my life.

No wonder Ken didn't spend any time with me when he got back from Iraq....HE WAS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid am I? And that was a year ago he took the plunge. I even saw her with him once at a should of approached him like I'd thought....But I was the bigger person. Man I'm an idiot!

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  1. girlfriend, I felt your pain for sure. I found an old boyfriend on FB too and guess what, he had a kid that i didn't know he had. Low and behold, according to the kid's b-day, he was probably conceived while we were dating!!!!! I was pissed too and tried to add him but he won't for some reason be my friend on FB:) I guess we just have to live our life well, that is after all the best revenge!