Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween to all! Well Miss Scarlett has at least let me sleep till 8 am today. But again she had to wake me up by messing with the box of crap laying next to the computer. This is the second day in a row that she has decided she must see what the contents of the box are and she had knocked it over! She is in trouble!! For this she has been locked out of the bedroom, which she hates!!!!! And she show you just how much she hates it by acting like a child! She will sit at the door and meow like it's the worst thing possible and she'll try to open the door by putting her paws under the door and trying to jimmy it. Oh yes just another fun filled day in the life of a cat Mama!

Operation fit-into-my-jeans is going well! I'm looking better in clothes! The whole goal here is to fit into the clothes in my closet and not have to buy more clothes. Times are tight and i really can't afford a new wardrobe less is the name of the game! I am however really enjoying the Campbell's cookbook that my cousin and I both bought and I can't believe how wonderful and simple some of the recipes are! The other night I made Creamy Ranch Pork Chops with Ranch Rice and even Scarlett gave it the approval, she really wanted a taste....but it was a bit rich for her! She is after all a cat! Lol. And the whole meal came out to 10 Weight Watchers points. So Yeah me!!

As for tonight....on this fun filled Halloween.....I'm headed out with the girls on a haunted tour of town. I've never been on it before but it sounded like fun and maybe I'll get a history lesson! Last fall my bff Joanna and my Dad and I went on the ghost tour of the Stanley in Estes Park Co. and we actually got an orb on camera! Besides the fact that while Joanna was taking pictures in the Stanley the camera got stuck on #666. Yeah that freaked me out a bit! But it was a fun tour and even dad liked it. It is a beautiful old hotel. Not to worry I'll post a pic! The pic of the orb is in front of the most haunted room in the hotel, room 227. It's the room that Stephen King stayed in when he came up with the idea for the Shinning. Yeah....that movie still freaks the crap out of me! Lol!!

Well wish me luck! And everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hello humans! Mama has been dropping the cat nip ball by not blogging lately and Auntie Joanna called her on it! So I figured to take things into my own paws and do some much needed typing!

Mama has been super busy with work and is very tired lately! On Tuesday she went to a comedy show with her friend Michelle and they had fun. Mama didn't get home till midnight and it was a work night! She had to get up on the morning and head off to work. I did my best to try and keep her in bed with me but she is a trooper and went to work!

Now we are watching T.V. since we are now a Nielson family and Mama has to log everything we watch we'll see just how much T.V. we actually watch! They even gave Mama money to do this. And we are super good at watching T.V. Lol! So far we've watched the news and Vampire Diaries, lol!

Tonight Mama went to Target and bought me nothing......grrrrrrrr! I don't like it when I don't get any presents! But she did come home and make the best smelling pork chops! The whole house smells wonderful!! She is being lazy now and not putting things away, I'll have to get on that and start meowing at her to get her butt in gear!

It's been the perfect napping weather today and I'm not too proud to admit....I did! And I'll tell ya this humans....I'm about ready to hit the hay again! Hey, don't knock it I'm a cat! It's what I do! Happy napping humans!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ok, so tonight I went and did laundry. Now there is this woman that comes in there with her daughter and she is there most of the times I'm there. I have a problem with this chick! Her daughter is probably 4 years old and the little girl is cute as all get out but she doesn't know how to use her indoor voice, lol. But this woman is not patient at all with this little girl she is always yelling at her to chill out and shut up. When the little girl tries to play with the video games there just to be playing with something the mother yells at her and tells her to knock it off. The mother never brings anything for the little girl to play with or draw with. And just yells at her for the littlest things.

It's really none of my business but damn....she's a little girl who in the time I've seen her has never acted out towards her mom in this public place all she is is a little girl with a bunch of energy. If you ask me this woman should take her own advice and chill the hell out! I can understand people being frustrated and all but this woman lays into this kid for nothing at all. And she uses that tone where you'd like to go over and smack the mother! I know I'm only the Mama of a cat and all, but for god sakes some people in my opinion should just never have children. This woman.....perhaps she should of had her partner wear a condom and then she could take her snotty attitude and shove it!

Sorry for the rant, lol!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Morning humans!

My what a weekend we've had! Mama is turning into a cat i swear! Lol! Yesterday I was up and at 'em early! But Mama was being a lazy butt and she stayed in bed till 10am....what does she think she's a teenager? Lol. I my own furry self was up and running around and keeping watch out the front window. When Mama finally got out of bed she made it no further than the couch where i was laying in wait for my morning meal....but Mama didn't have that on her schedule first, she made me wait a whole hour! And ya know what she was doing....watching Lifetime. Yeah, we had a Lifetime movie day, it happens humans! We are two gals living together, sometimes you gotta watch Lifetime!

Then Mama went and took care of Charlie....he's another cat that Mama sometimes sees on the side. Yeah I'm not happy about it but she takes care of him when his Mommy and Daddy are out of town. I always make her wash her hands before she touches me other wise i turn my nose up. Yeah I'm a snob, get over it humans!! I'm a cat, we're all snobs! Then one thing that made my day, Mama went to buy me new food! And I found it super quick in the shopping bag! And I've been rubbing on the bag all morning! Gotta make it smell like me! Ha ha!

Not sure what is on the schedule for today, but Mama has on her workout clothes so I'm pretty sure she is up to getting fit! Yeah that's another thing, with this operations fit into her jeans, she is making me go on a diet too! Although as a treat the other night she went to Sonic and i got two bites of fries! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She say sometimes you gotta have a fun day! Ok well it's time for my preening time!

Take care humans!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok all....I weighed myself today and I'm down....wait for it.......6 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg! I'm super excited!! I'm feeling very happy because I am proving to myself that I can do it again! I've been down in weight before but now I have the goal in mind and I'm working for it! I'm doing it for me and me alone. I want to feel better about myself and I want to feel attractive again!

I'm on my way! and I'm hoping that i can keep this up. This is the most I've lost in a very long time and Miss Scarlett is on kind of a diet too. We both need to watch our waistlines! She just doesn't know she's on a diet! Ha ha! I get the evil eye quite a bit when i head into the kitchen and she doesn't have the food in her dish that she thinks she should have! It's funny how human a cat can be! Lol.!

I'm just looking forward to getting back to myself! And I'm well on the way! Yeah me!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Happy evening humans! Oh my Mama has been so busy around the house! She has been in a fall mood! She got a new cookbook and has been making the house smell wonderful! I've been trying to help but not having thumbs really cuts down on the cooking tasks! Lol!

And she has decorated for Halloween too and it has really cramped my style esp. when I try to hop up on the trunk and get to my "perch". I have to walk all around these pumpkins. What a pain in the tail! And God forbid if I try to touch one, Mama has a cow! Right now I'm laying in bed waiting for Mama to get her butt in gear and join me. I've already laid claim on her book. She is really into all these Vampire books. Oh my she and Shianne.....they need help! Lol! I wish Mama would read more of those smart mysteries I liked so much. They are called Mrs. Murphy Mysteries. And they are super fun! They are about a corgi and a cat that solve mysteries before humans because animals are super smart. Way more than humans! Look at me....I've got my own blog! I've got my big girl pants on now humans! Lol!

It's been the best napping weather lately! But I have to agree with's just way to early for winter to begin! We really love fall! Oh how I want fall to come back! Maybe next week huh? Well kids i best be getting Mama in gear! She needs to wash her face and read me to sleep!

Tails up all!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Ok, so I've been contacted by the Nielsen Ratings and we've (Miss Scarlett and myself) been selected to be a Nielsen family! Lol! And heck yes I'm gonna do it! They contacted me today I took a short question period from them they will be sending me a diary to fill out on what I watch for a week and I send it back to them. Then they pay me $30. Why on earth wouldn't I do it! I've heard of this before but never knew anyone who had done it! And now I'm one of them! The lady i talked to on the phone was very nice and she said that it was so nice to talk to someone so pleasant on a Saturday morning! It's one of the few things i can be good at! Watching T.V. and getting paid to do so! Lol!!

We had quite a nice girls night last night, we headed to a country bar and took in a band. Dustin Evans. I'd never seen him before and they put on quite a good show. We even got out and danced a bit! Tabatha was a riot! She was feeling her Cheerios! She's not been that tipsy in a bit! But i feel that honestly everyone should have one of those nights once in a while!

Today was a good shopping day! I found a great pair of jeans! And it made my day! I also got some new books! Omg.....I must be stopped on all the books I've been finding! But I sure do love the Sookie Stackhouse series! It's super fun and a nice read! In fact I'm taking a timeout from reading to blog! Oh what a life huh? Lol. Hey give me a break, the State game is on and they are super sucking! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Come on Cats!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hello humans! Oh my what a day I've had! What a week I've had! Mama has not been home a whole lot lately but she says she will make it up to me this weekend in the way of cuddles and love! The annoying four footers up stairs they have up and moved out. In the middle of the night, crazy if you ask me! Mama and Duke were talkin about it last night and I agree with Duke I think they got kicked out due to the illegal four footers! One is ok two is not. Now we have a guy with braids who's moved in I saw him talking to Mama tonight outside. I like to keep a watchful eye on Mama!

Oh and......they were supposed to come and do some work on the place today and for that Mama had to clear out the bathroom and everything is laying in the dining room right now, it really torks me off because I try so hard to rub on it and make it smell like me and Mama has a hissy fit! Like just because i tip over one picture the world will come to an end???? I don't think so Mama!! But in the course of all this business Mama tricked me and locked me in the bedroom, I don't like to be caged in! I like to roam free! Even though she puts my litter and my food in the room with the big bed I still like my space! This greatly upsets me and I like to voice my opinion! But I think Mama is deaf when it comes to me and my demands!

Just like tonight when she finally got home from running all over town she has some Arby's with her. And I sat like a good cat right beside her on the sofa and kept looking cute and she wouldn't feed me a damn thing!! Not even one of the fries! OMG!!!!!! I finally had to take things into my own paws and I grabbed for her arm, then I got yelled at and really there should of been no problem, I mean i was looking super cute when I did it! What does a girl have to do to get some fries up in this joint??

Well humans i need to go i hear something outside and I must go and shove my head through the blinds and stare!

Tails up!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Tonight I've finished Married Lovers by Jackie Collins. I have to say it was a very good read. Just the right amount of twists and turns. I'd give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5. I've now started on the Sookie Stackhouse books, which I'm sure Shi will love so that I can discuss them with her! Lol. It's a Vampire series, so I'm sure I'll like it and I've been told they are hot! We'll see!

Thanks to those who took the Twilight poll. I see that the first book won out. If you ask me it was the best book of all four. The movie was a bit different from the book and they left some stuff out that would of made it make a bit more sense but all and all a very good love story even though it involves the undead! Ha ha! I still loose my breath when Edward and Bella are alone in the forrest all close and heavy breathing and he's afraid to kiss her for fear of loosing himself and killing her. Call me crazy but it's hot! Right spider monkey?? Inside joke! If you've seen the movie you'll get it! Ha ha!

Lets see how long it takes me to read this book, it's over 200 pages.....I'm not "Speed Reader Miller" but I'm going to do better with my reading. It's about all i got lately that helps me to relax and forget about all the other crap going on! Yeah for books!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Oh yes all my diet now has a title! This means serious business! Ha ha! I'm so proud of myself because a couple of weeks ago i tried on my jeans and it was all kinds of bad news! But today i put them on and this is my fat week and they fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh joy, oh joy...Happy dance, happy dance!! I look human in them too!!!!! (doing cartwheels here)

Now i weighed myself yesterday at work and as we know our scale at work weighs heavy (I'm not making that up, i swear) it's about three lbs. heavier. So i took what i weighed at my last Doctors appointment two weeks ago and subtracted what was on the scale before me yesterday and I've lost three lbs in the past week....or week and a half. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!! Jane my friend at work she said she weighed in too and she'd lost a pound! See it works!!! You just have to stick with it!

My friend Tabatha has lost 20 lbs. since January. YEAH!!!!!! I'm so proud of her she is doing so well! Both of us just want to feel better about ourselves. Well we are on our way!!!

In a side note....I've found tons of vampire book, mainly romance. I had no clue how many books were out there in "vampire romance" books. I'm super impressed and i can't wait to read, read and read! I bought some new ones today. I really need to get on the reading wagon! Ha ha! I went ahead today and bought a couple more than i thought i would but i tried to get the ones where there was only one copy. The ones that had two or three copies i waited on. I've got all kinds of time, it's not like I have a boyfriend, lol!! Besides reading is good for you!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello humans!

Oh my how I've been busy lately! There has been all kinds of stuff going on in the complex! First off I have to voice my opinion about Mama and Tank. He sure is getting pretty close to home if you ask this cat! He keeps running up to Mama and acting all cute and letting her pet him. Today she pet the other one....Roxy (does everyone name their dog that?) and i saw her do it too! The nerve!! Then Mama comes in the house and all of a sudden she wants a kiss....well I made her work for it!

Besides the fact that there are moving vans all over the place....I've been on top of the chair all afternoon (or as Mama calls it my perch) watching all kinds of furniture be moved in. Silly humans and all their stuff! Although I'm pretty happy with the sofa and bed we have!

I've also been in and out of the bathtub all day. Mama just doesn't get it....sure she gives me fresh water everyday and sometimes she gives me an ice cube too (it's to keep my water fresh and drinkable) but my favorite thing to do is jump in the tub after a shower or bath and feel the remains of water on my paws and I like to lick it up too....hey I'm a cat get over it! Ha ha! But what i really like to do is feel the mat in the tub under my paws....Shhhhh don't tell Mama! It's like pebbles and it feels sooooo good :)

Right now Mama is relaxing and I'm just sitting here listening to the wind wow it is strong today! I heard we are gonna read later. I can't wait! Last night I laid so nice and calm right next to the book on the bed and Mama kept giving me kisses.....I'm super spoiled! But I really wouldn't have it any other way!

Tails up humans!!