Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hello Humans.....How is everyone today? For me it's another lazy Sunday. Mama has been up since 7 a.m. She is like a ball of energy on this cold lazy morning! She got up and did her workout, I watched sweat pour down her as she ran around looking like an idiot. I keep that to myself because well....I'm a cat and I think it's pointless. But it really seems to make Mama happy. If you thought Mama was perky before you should see here after 30 minutes of Turbo Jam.

Now Mama credits Turbo Jam to the weight loss she's been having and I for one am so proud of her. She's been working her butt off. Literally! Ha ha!! I did help a bit today as Mama made some breakfast. She made some banana nut muffins. I guess this will be a regular Sunday thing with us when it's cold. I sat in the kitchen and supervised. It's what I do best :) and when Mama had the oven door open I went and sat under it. Not a warmer seat in the house! I watched as Mama went out and cleaned off the car and watched as other silly humans were doing the same. Everyone in the building is on the go today! Not me! I think soon I'll settle in for my mid morning nap. That will be followed by my 2 minute toy play in the living room that will then be followed by my afternoon nap. life is good :)

Tails up humans!!

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