Sunday, January 9, 2011


O.K.!! I did it! I lost weight over a holiday!! And it was over a holiday where all you do is eat for two weeks! Yeah!!!!!!! It's not easy to do such a thing....But I really have to give credit to Turbo Jam. It's my workout Dvd. Well one of my MANY! Lol!! I did a 40 minute workout yesterday that earned me 10 extra points and trust me when I say....I used them all with two helpings of pasta and I didn't feel guilty at all. :)

Now I did make one New Years Resolution.....It was to be fabulous as much as possible. I'm trying to wear lipstick and necklaces to work every day....At least one of them every day! I had forgotten how great you feel just by adding some color to your lips and having something shiny around your neck! It makes your inner beauty come out! Go on try it!!

Other than that....The aerobics and weight loss are not a resolution. See I just need to do that for me! And trust me when I say the closer I get to 35 the harder it is to actually loose weight! But I'm gonna plug away and do the best I can!

Miss Scarlett has been good :) She's all snuggled in right now in bed. She said to me this morning that she likes to sleep in on cold days like this. Although I find that hard to believe since I woke up at 4 a.m. to go the the bathroom and she was up and looking out the window! Lol. I'm more the early to bed early to rise type. And she is the stay up all night type. We do fine though. Even when we both take a nap on a Sunday afternoon on the sofa....And yeah I feel that coming on, LOL!!

This morning I'm headed to the kitchen to make some banana nut muffins. Gotta love that smell! Scarlett will help me....She loves to tinker in the kitchen. Stay warm my loves :)

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