Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello all! I'm never really sure who is reading this....and lately it's been no one since I've been mute! Lol!! The times they are a changing! And this lady is ready for changes!

Resolutions....Sorry I don't make those. But I'm making promises to myself. I will workout! I will be my sexy self again! I will do things for me and to make me feel better! I've already given up on dating and finding "the one". Yeah that ship has sailed. I have to admit that for the past few months I've been happier than I've been in years. If you have no one you are chasing after no one can let you down. And lets face it.....That's really all I've had happen in my life with men. Lots and lots of let downs. NO MORE!!

I've been cooking up a storm lately and with the new Points Plus thing going on at Weight Watchers I'm hoping I'll see results! The fact that most of your fruits and veggies are now free in points is a big PLUS!! I've also dug out all my workout dvd's and dusted them off. It's time to get real people! When the weather is nice in the spring I hope to make it back out to the track. And perhaps get my jog on! Lol!! In these winter months I'll keep it inside and do Yoga Booty Ballet and Kickboxing!

And I'm gonna get my movie self on! Lol! Today we are headed to the movies. Last week I went and saw the Tourist. I loved it! Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie....Yeah for me! Today it's Black Swan. I've heard lots about it. And I'm gonna be the judge today! Lol! I'm also gearing up for this years Oscar party. Yeah, I'm that girl! Lol! I'm the host est with the most est!

Well everyone....Be well, Live well, and take care of yourselves. Who else can you count on? Ha ha!



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